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Tasty Slimmies contain Glucomannan which increases the volume in the stomach and create a feeling of satiety. It is successful formula that helps you lose weight!

- Contains natural active ingredient Glucomannan
- contributes to weight reduction
- Reduces feelings of hunger
- Suitable for people with diabetes
- Maintains normal cholesterol levels
- Natural ingredients
- Tasty and Healthy
- Efficiency confirmed by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)

Glucomannan as effective weight loss ingredient, is recommended by world renowned doctors!


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Slimmies contain natural active ingredient Glucomannan which in the stomach in contact with water decomposes, it multiplies its volume and creates a feeling of satiety. By doing so you will eat less and will not be bothered by feeling of hunger. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has confirmed that Glucomannan with energy-restrictive diet contributes to weight loss. Therefore Slimmies is successful formula that will help you lose weight!

If you want to read the clinical studies about the effectiveness of Glucomannan for wight loss, click below:


Each chew of Slimmies contains 1 gram of the purified Glucomannan highest grade. Clinical studies conducted by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have proved that only that quality and quantity of Glucomannan per dose, certainly contribute to losing weight and maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels.

How will I lose weight with Slimmies?

 Eat Less food and still Feel Full - When mixed with water it gently expands, fills your stomach and helps promote the feeling of fullness.

 Digestive Support & Cholesterol maintenance - Slimmies main ingredient is Glucomannan which is a soluble fiber that aids digestion supporting Weight Loss and Cholesterol Management.

Makes you Feel Fuller which could help you Eat Less

 Slimmies is safe, natural and effective for weight loss and easy to absorb

Each Slimmies contains 1 g of the highest purified grade of Glucomannan

Simply take it with water, Slimmies delicious flavour tastes great! 






Slimmies represents excellent Value for Money - Each package contains 60 chews (15 day supply) of the highest grade of ingredients.

Note: The results of weight loss are individual and may vary among individuals.


Are you worried about obesity? You hardly move, you have high cholesterol, you are dissatisfied with your appearance? It does not need not to be so! Look better, feel better!

Slimmies contains a natural ingredient Glucomannan which in the stomach in contact with water degrades and significantly increases its volume, and like built-balloon creates a feeling of satiety. So you eat less and lose weight. Glucomannan is one of the most viscous vegetable fiber that comes from the plant Amorphophallus konjac (devil's tongue). Since time immemorial, it is used in Chinese and Japanese medicine as a means of cleansing and detoxifying, nicknamed "broom hose." Natural and healthy!

Because of the effectiveness of assistance in weight loss, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has confirmed that Glucomannan contributes to weight reduction, therefore, Slimmies will help you to lose weight and to have a better figure.

Recommended dosage: 4 Slimmies per day.
Take Slimmies before each meal, or if you feel hunger.
Glucomannan in Slimmies contributes to maintain normal cholesterol levels (confirmed by EFSA) and helps the body to excrete excess of cholesterol and other fats in the way that particles of fat absorbs and excretes them out through the digestive tract. Because of its viscosity, Glucomannan affects on absorption of fat and cholesterol, and according to research conducted by the EFSA, demonstrably contributes to maintain normal cholesterol levels. It helps you get food easily and quickly digested without unpleasant feeling of flatulence and bloating and it speeds up the metabolism.

Tasty Slimmies will make you feel satiety, lose weight and you will not be bothered with feeling of hunger!

Note: The results of weight loss are individual and may vary among individuals.

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