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MotorUp 420 engine treatment

Unique MOTORUP 420 is designed for all types of engines. Because of its multifunctional formula and active ingredients:

·         Restores and prolongs the life of your engine
·         420 extreme pressure protection
·         Restores compression, acceleration and performance
·         Quiets engine noise
·         Increases combustion
·         Reduces oil consumption and exhaust emissions

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MotorUp 420 engine treatment for an extreme pressure protection, with a multifunctional formula.

All in one formulation: restores, protects, quiets engine noise, and smooths out rough running. Restores compression, power and performance, and reduces oil consumption. Increases combustion, therefore reduces smoke and exhaust emissions.

MotorUp 420 multifunctional formula is full of active ingredients:

·  Detergents - to clean the engine
·  Dispersants - to carry away dirt and carbon deposits to the filters
·  Corrosion inhibitors - corrosion is a major cause of engine wear
·  Anti-foaming agents - to ensure good lubrication and refrigeration
·  Anti-wear & anti-seizure-weld agents - to protect during dry starts, city jams and premature aging
·  Freezing point depressors - for cold and freezing climates
·  Active ingredients - to reduce friction, lower engine operating temperatures, and wear

Avoid premature aging of your engine - simply add MotorUp 420 to it now!


Simply pour the entire content of the bottle into the oil crankcase. Does not require an oil change before adding. MotorUp 420 bonds to the metal in your engine, and continues to be effective even after you change the oil. Continue to follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule.

Size: 240 ml

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