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Viz Xtreme microcamera

Micro-camera VIZ XTREME allows you to record as with the professional camera whatever you want, whenever you want, in all possible ways, from the spectacular camera angles, hands-free, on selfie stick, even on the drone.

It comes with 3 mounts:

-          The helmet mount
-          The clothes clip
-          The multifunctional mount with swivel base for flat surfaces and walls

With Viz Xtreme you can shoot stunning videos when traveling, on the trips, in the nature, at celebrations or at home. You can control what happens in your house, garage or in a business area when you are not there. Place it in your car (private or business) and have video evidence in the case of an accident. Excellent quality video and sound in the 6 cm camera and heavy only 20 grams.

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In some situations it is really not possible to record with regular hand camera, tablet or smartphone. In some situations you need to have a free hands to record. That’s why we present the VIZ XTREME micro-camera!

- Attractive recording; hands-free
- USB connector for connecting to a computer
- Use it as a webcam
- Record in your home or in office while you're away

Ultra light Viz Xtreme micro-camera records for hours as a professional hand camera, and you do not have to hold it. The package comes with a 3 mounts, so it can be placed on a flat surfaces or on the wall to record from one angle, you can attach it to yourself (for example on a T-shirt) and record hands-free, on the bag, on the backpack, on your child, in the car on visor, even on the collar of your pet to see in a fun way the world with his eyes. There are countless possibilities!

It is fantastic advantage if you set the camera in the car, especially if you have a official vehicle to record while driving, because you will have perfect video evidence in the case of an accident. It is particularly recommended for all professional drivers; taxi drivers, couriers, truck drivers, etc.
You can adjust the angle and the slope that you would like to record.

Also, in the package comes the helmet mount, ie. for the head, that has adjustable straps. Place it on a helmet while skiing or riding a bike and make the fabulous recordings.

One of the best advantages of Viz Xtreme micro-camera is that you can attach it on the selfie stick and make an attractive video of yourself in the various situations. Also, since it is very light, Viz Xtreme micro-camera can be attaches on the drone for recording sensational videos from the air.

With the camera you get a USB connector to charge the battery and to transfer and upload the taken video footages. Make unforgettable clips, transfer them to a computer and share via the Internet. Transfer and share with your friends and relatives unforgettable recordings and a lifetime memories.

Note: Micro-camera VIZ XTREME has the SOUND MODE option to record sound. Turn on Sound mode and the camera will automatically start recording the sound if it is higher than 60 dB, for example. if the baby began to cry in the room.

Main features of VIZ XTREME micro-camera

- Compact design
- Network camera connection with webcam function
- Compatible with AVI video format
- Records high-quality images even in poor lighting
- Resolution: 720 x 480 pixels; video recording speed: 30 frames per second
- Compatible with common USB1.1 and the USB2.0 high-speed interfaces
- Compatible with microSD cards up to 32 GB
- Rechargeable built-in lithium battery

VIZ XTREME Technical specifications

- Video format: AVI
- Video encoding: M-JPEG
- Video resolution: 720 x 480 VGA
- Frame rate: 30 FPS
- Player software: Your regular video player program
- Aspect ratio: 4:3
- Operating system: Windows ® ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/; Mac ® OS X v10.4
- Charge voltage DC: 5V
- USB port: Mini 5-pin USB
- Memory: 4 GB microSD card (included); microSD cards of up to 32 GB can be used
- Battery: Rechargeable high-capacity lithium polymer
- Height: 6 cm
- Weight: 20 gr

Warranty:1 year


With your VIZ XTREME you’ll get 3 mounts to record spectacular shoots.

1. THE HELMET MOUNT for helmet or head; for sensational recordings from your point of view, when you do sports or enjoy in a walk with your family and friends. Place the mount on the head and record hands-free. The helmet mount has straps that can be adjusted to different sizes.

2. THE MULTIFUNCTIONAL MOUNT WITH SWIVEL BASE put on all flat surfaces and delight your friends with never before seen action footages, for example: on the skateboard! Put it on the wall and control what's going on in your house, garage or in office while you are away.

3. THE CLOTHES CLIP allows you to record hands-free from an entirely new angle. You can put it on yourself and record the sensational scenes, on your child - record the unique moment of your baby’s  first steps, or on collar of your pet - have fun watching the world through the eyes of your pet. You can put it on the visor in your car or another vehicle (private or business) and record while driving and have video evidence in the case of an accident.

NOTE: The micro-camera Viz Xtreme can be used on the selfie stick and on the drone for recording spectacular footages.

Connect the camera to your computer and upload the footage in seconds. Upload it to the internet and share with friends or relatives. The camera is charging via a USB cable connected to your computer (incl.).

In the package you get included memory SD card of 4 GB, but if you want to record more video or record longer period of time, you can put a card up to 32 GB with more memory space.

Detailed instructions for use come with the purchased product in the illustrated printed brochure. 

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