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Lifestyle Trio grater

The ingenious, versatile shred system! This ultra-efficient tool quickly grates cheese, vegetables and more into uniformly fine or coarse fluffy shreds, or slices. You can shred, grate, grind and slice because you’ll get included 3 types of blades:

1. Orange blade – for slicing vegetables or salami into thin slices, ideal for cucumbers or to make homemade chips
2. Red blade - for coarse grating, ideal for grating Parmesan on pasta dishes, fruit and vegetables, children's foods, etc.
3. Yellow blade - for fine grating or grinding, ideal for grinding nuts, chocolate or to make bread crumbs for breading

Easy to use: just place your preferred blade into the slicer, then place the food in the hopper, press down on the ergonomic handle and turn the crank. So simple!

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Price: 13,99 Eur
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Forget all those awkward and dangerous graters. They only take up space in your kitchen.
Grating is often dangerous or doesn’t do the job right. Forget all that!
Introducing the new, Lifestyle Trio. the universal helper for your kitchen. Lifestyle Trio is so easy to use. 
Put the inserts in, add the handle, put the almonds in the container and in a few seconds
you have almonds beautifully milled for tasty pancakes.
Add flavor to your ice cream cup with chocolate.
Cheese adds just the right taste to your favorite pasta.

Use it for:

·         Milled Chocolate
·         Tasty Cream Soup
·         For Hard & Soft Cheese
·         Vitamin-rich Salad
·         Slice Eggs for mayonnaise salad
·         Light & Fluffy CAKES
·         Homemade PIZZA
·         Delicious Vienna cutlet
·         Tough Horseradish

Quick preparing and decorating

Give your dishes the flair of a fine gourmet restaurant with the unique Lifestyle Trio grater.
Nuts for light and fluffy cakes were never so easy to grind. Also, white chocolate for sweet surprises.
With Lifestyle Trio, even the breadcrumbs for your delicious Viennacutlet are freshly done with
a turn of your hand. Tough horseradish is no problem for Lifestyle Trio. 
It’s ideal for frankfurters or for juicy prime ribs with horse radish.

Lifestyle TRIO great features:

·         Easy to use
·         Fast Easy Meals
·         Easy Grating
·         Perfectly Sliced in Seconds
·         Handy & Stylish DESIGN

Three blades included

You’ll also receive absolutely free of charge a fantastic slicer insert as well. It is ideal for fresh
cucumbers salad and for homemade potato chips or even apple chips. Lifestyle Trio allows you
to be imaginative in the kitchen and to prepare meals for your family and guests much easier.

      Product components (in color box):

        1x Lifestyle TRIO slicer/grater

        1x Slice/Grater drum fine

        1x Slice/Grater drum coarse

        1x Slice/Grater drum slice

        1x Instructions


        Dimensions of the package: 18.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 7.8 cm

        Net weight: 0.258 kg

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