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ZippZapp bag closer and opener

ZippZapp seals virtually any plastic bag to make it fully air and watertight in just seconds, using ingenious microthermal technology! All your food lasts much longer and stays fresh. Open any tricky plastic packaging quickly with the Express opener!

ZippZapp is practical, compact and handy, so it can be used anywhere. Suitable for kitchen, garden, home, travel and much more. Seal just about ANY everyday item with ZippZapp!

- Food remains fresher and crunchier for longer
- Water and airtight
- No leaks and contents will not dry out
- Practical, compact and handy
- Ideal for use in the kitchen, garden, for household use, when travelling and much more

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With ZippZapp - small kitchen appliance - you can easily in just one pull close the opened packing and preserve the freshness of your foods.

-          No more spills in kitchen drawers

-          No more drying of your favorite chips or fruit

-          Pack the cooked sauce, soup, risotto ... and store it in fridge or freezer

-          Take a fresh sandwich and a piece of fruit at school, at work or on a trip

With ZippZapp now you can easily and quickly in just one pull open tricky packaging. Just drag ZippZapp on the top of the bag and the problem is solved!

ZippZapp opens plastic and aluminum bags!

ALWAYS FRESH fruit, vegetables, meat, chips, spices, coffee...
There are innumerable benefits of secure food storage. First of all, you will save money because the food stay fresh, it will last longer and the less food you'll throw. You can frozen cooked meals; sauces, soups, fresh fruits and vegetables. 

PACK AND TAKE - Save all sorts of things in a plastic bag
ZippZapp closes and opens plastic bags so that it can be used to store a variety of items, not just food. For example, you can save in a plastic bag small tools in your garage, buttons and threads, kids accessories, medicines and similar. It is practically also if you go on a trip or excursion. Pack and take with you whatever you want.

ZippZapp is very convenient and it can always be at your hand. On one side of it there is a closing system. On the other side there is an opening system with the precision cutter (such as small knife) and so the ZippZapp is 2-in-1 product. Turn it to the side you need, whether you want to pack and store something or if you want to unpack some plastic or aluminium packaging. Just pull your ZippZapp on the top of the bag and it's done in a moment.



Set contains: 

1 x ZippZapp

1 x Wall holder magnetic

1 x Adhesive tape


Setting the holder:

If you want you can place your ZippZapp on the kitchen wall or fridge to always be at hand. Holder has a magnet for metal surfaces as fridge and comes with adhesive tape for walls and plastic surfaces. 

Step 1: Attach adhesive tape on the back of the magnetic holder.

Step 2: Stick the holder where it is practical and needed; on the wall, fridge...

Step 3: Put the ZippZapp in the holder.

(If you have small children, place it out of the reach of children.)

2-in-1 ZippZapp closer and opener for plastic bags 

With this product you get two functional appliances: Closer and Opener for plastic bags. On one side of ZippZapp is a closing system, and on the other opening system. In both cases you only need to slide the ZippZapp on the top of the bag and in seconds you have closed or opened the bag, whichever you want.

Product measurements: 100 mm x 40 mm x 35 mm

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