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Mosquito Killer lamp

An effective system of protection from mosquitoes and other annoying insects for your home, summer house or outdoors.

- Does not contain toxins or fragrances
- Harmless to human health and pets
- Environmentally-friendly

Destroying insects with high ultraviolet UV lamp.

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Mosquito Killer lamp

Mosquito killer is a device designed to kill insects in closed or open spaces with high ultraviolet UV lamp.

This device for destroying insects cause no harm to the environment.

No toxins, odors or dangerous radiation, insects are removed on the basis of a brilliant principle that is economical and completely health safe.

Mosquito killer is a simple and practical system of protection from mosquitoes that will protect you in your home as well as outdoors (during picnics, breakfast/lunch/dinner in the garden or terrace ...).

Turn on Mosquito Killer and enjoy carefree your summer evenings!

Suitable for:
- Home use (on terraces and porches)
- RV
- In garages
- In the workplace

Technical specification

Mosquito killer is a very simple and cost-effective device strong action that easily protects from insects and even large spatial area.

- Power supply: 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
- Effect: up to 80 m2
- Output: 1200-2000 V +/- 10 %
- Power: 13 W
- Fluorescent lamp: TLD 13 W

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