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Xtreme Bra

We are presenting Xtreme Bra, a revolutionary way to raise and increase your breasts, for only a few seconds. Thanks to the special design, Xtreme Bra immediately improves the appearance of your breasts and cleavage and at the same time corrects posture and puts your back in the correct position.

In package you get 2 Xtreme Bra - black and beige. Size is universal because it is elastic, and the straps are adjustable as needed.

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Price: 24,99 Eur
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Get the impressive cleavage in a few seconds

Xtreme Bra is a new and revolutionary way to increase and shape the breasts in a few moments, it corrects posture, places your back and shoulders in the correct position and you can shine in your favorite outfit and impress with your cleavage.

It is recommended to women with small breasts who want to easily, quickly and conveniently increase the breast, but also to women with large breasts because it lifts, shapes and firmly adheres.

Features of Xtreme Bra:
- Raises the breasts and increases their volume up to 2 sizes, for only a few seconds
- Orthopedic design: corrects posture, puts your back in the correct position, preventing back pain
- Bra is ideal for women with large breasts: raises them and gives them a firmer appearance
- Xtreme Bra is used with conventional bras
- There is no need for cosmetic surgery
- Sizes are universal

If you order now your Xtreme Bra, you'll get in the package 2 Xtreme Bra - in beige and black colors.

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