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How to get rid of nail fungus and unpleasant foot odor?

A nail fungus infection usually starts as a white or yellow-brown spot under the tip of the nail. As the fungal infection goes deeper, the nail may discolor...

Physical therapy and electrotherapy against pain, stiffness and inflammation

Surely, like most people, you have experienced unpleasant, sometimes paralyzing...

7 facts and tips about acne and pimples you need to know

Acne or pimples are a very common skin disorder that young people get in early puberty...

How can you get a good night's sleep and fall asleep more easily?

Adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night for quality rest. In this way...

Best exercises for the elderly and recommended exercises for each decade

As the years pass and the body ages, many psychological and physical changes occur...

How to recognize pet allergy in children and adults?

Sometimes it is difficult to know whether you have a cold or an allergy because the symptoms are...

How to take care of your hair without products and avoid cutting the ends?

Like the bodies of other mammals, the human body is covered with hair. Hair grows...

5 WHITE POISONS we eat everyday - you know them?

There are a so-called 5 WHITE POISONS that should definitely be avoided if...

What physical inactivity means - here's what will happen to your body if you don't move enough and sit too much

Wondering what it means to not move enough and spend too much time sitting? How much is too much?

Water-powered vacuum cleaner, i.e. a vacuum cleaner with water filtration that can vacuum wet and dry

There are two important characteristics that you should pay attention to when buying a vacuum cleaner...

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