5 golden rules to protect your hair from the sun UV rays, salt water and chlorine

Publication date: 01.07.2020.

Summertime is here! Are you ready for a long beach day or lounge at the pool? You’ve certainly prepared your skin for all-day sun exposure because you want to catch a tan, but what about your hair? Do you know how much salt water, the sun’s UV rays and chlorinated pool water dry out your hair? By the fall, your hair could drastically change color and turn into straw if you don’t protect it.

In this useful text, we reveal the 5 most important tips on how to protect your hair from the harmful effects of the sun, salt water and chlorine on your hair.

1 . Reduce hot tool use
Trade straightener, curler and similar hot hair tools that dry out your hair during the summer (and all the time) for the Pro Hair Styler 5in1 as it will dry & style your hair in half the time and without damage since it has ionic and ceramic protection. Otherwise, your hair will end with major breakage and split ends.

2. Use a protection spray or a hat
Get a UV protective hair spray - they are not expensive, but they help. The hat will protect your hair, face and neck from the sun, and it is also a super fashion accessory.

3. Throw your hair up
If you can’t imagine yourself with a hat or cap on the beach, at least tie your hair in a bun and throw it up. This will protect your hair to some extent, and you can apply a mask or argan oil to the ends.

4. Shower before swimming
Ingenious trick - if you soak your hair before swimming or lying in the sun, it will be full of moisture, so there will be less room to absorb sea salt and chlorine in the hair, and it will be easier to resist harmful UV rays.

5. Shower after swimming
You definitely should do this - rinse salt or chlorine from the hair. During the summer, use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to rejuvenate your hair.

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