Publication date: 10.11.2023.

Maybe you don't remember, but that's what we were taught in elementary school. There are a so-called 5 WHITE POISONS that should definitely be avoided if you want to preserve your health and extend your life span. A healthy diet is very important.

In the first place is - FAT! Meat is an important food because it contains protein and gives us strength, but it also contains white fat, which changes the molecular structure through thermal processing and becomes dangerous for health. Animals don't cook or roast meat, and that's how people should consume it. Since this is not possible in practice, how you prepare the meat is very important. A healthy diet means avoiding fats because they lead to clogging of arteries, heart attacks and strokes, from which about 50% of the total population dies.

In second place is MILK! The pasteurized milk we use changes calcium into an inorganic form that humans cannot digest. It is certainly not a healthy diet. It is also known in nature that animals do not use pasteurized milk - in fact, the human body does not need milk at all after the end of the breastfeeding phase! You will not benefit from milk, and it does a lot of damage, especially for the intestines.

In third place is SALT! Our body needs sodium, but table salt (sodium chloride) is an inorganic sodium compound, extremely toxic to the body because it accumulates and retains fluids, which is certainly not a "healthy diet". It causes a whole series of problems, most often on the kidneys.

In fourth place is SUGAR! It is so harmful that it can rightly be called poison. The fact that you will gain weight from it is the least of the evils. As a healthier substitute, we recommend honey.

It is in fifth place - WHITE FLOUR! Healthy ingredients (bran and sprouts) are extracted from it, and during processing it is also bleached and additives are added.

In addition to good advice, we can help you eat healthier (FAT AND SALT FREE) using Linea Esclusiva Professional - a 19-piece cookware set used in top restaurants and hotels - made of the highest quality material (18/10 stainless steel) that's why you can cook food in natural juices, without salt and fat.

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