All you need to know about painting walls

Publication date: 26.04.2021.

First of all, don’t be scared by stories that you won’t be able to paint the walls yourself and that you have to hire professionals because that’s not true. Painting the walls isn’t complicated or difficult at all, and it can even be fun and make you feel good because you’ve done a useful thing yourself while saving money. Of all the "do-it-yourself" jobs, most people decide to paint the walls, because if you happen to mess up, it's very easy to fix.

However, we will advise you on how to avoid mistakes.

1. You need a good plan

First think about how you want the finished project to look, what impression do you want to achieve? Traditional, elegant, children's, industrial, youthful, Nordic style ... The Internet is full of ideas, so first have a coffee and review the new trends in interior colors, but look at pictures of spaces that resemble your space in size, shape and furniture. If you are looking at a living room that has completely different furniture from yours, then just the color of the wall will not be a good measure to compare because it may not fit in with your furniture at all. So always look for and look at pictures of a space with furniture similar to yours.

2. Choosing colors

First ask yourself what colors do you usually like - warm or cold? Do you like mild tones or bright colors? If you are unsure, look in your closet. Usually the color of your clothes reveals in what colors you feel good. For example, if you don’t have anything yellow in your closet at all, you are very unlikely to feel good in the yellow living room. If you have existing furniture or art, you’ll also want to consider how the shade will compliment them. When you choose a color, first take a paint color chart with different shades at the store and take it home. If you want a certain color that you already have at home, take the sample with you to the store (cloth, piece of paper ...). At home, look at the paint color chart at different times of day, the color will look completely different in the sun, in the shade and under artificial light in the evening. Only then can you know for sure what color, ie tone you need to buy.

3. Buying paint

Each manufacturer has on the packaging highlighted how much wall area the paint covers. Measure the surface of the walls you are going to paint well and buy about 10% more paint than it says. If you have old walls that absorb more, add another 10%. New generations of paints no longer need to be mixed with water and cover better, usually one coat is enough, unless you go from a dark color to a lighter one, there you may have to paint the same surface twice. So first a bit of math, then go to the store. We won’t be advertising to anyone, but there are many well-known stores that mix colors very conveniently and offer the perfect choice.

4. Prep the walls

The most important thing is to wipe the wall with a dry cloth, pick up cobwebs and dust to keep the wall clean. If there are greasy stains (eg in the kitchen) then wash them with a degreaser and wait to dry. Some walls need to be impregnated first (if the wall is being painted for the first time, if you have a lot of old layers of paint, if there is mold on the wall). Such impregnators can be purchased at a paint store and are not expensive. They are applied the day before painting with a wide brush or ordinary roller, usually in one layer and dry quickly. Instructions are on the package. Impregnation is important because the color will look nicer, will be uniformly and will last much longer.

5. The process of painting the walls

In this text, we will recommend the use of Easy Paint Pro roller in which the paint is poured directly. Not because we sell it, but because it is the most practical and the best, it is a new generation roller with which you will avoid space protection and later cleaning. The paint should always be stirred first and then poured into a roller tank. Corners and edges are always painted first. In the Easy Paint Pro set there is a special Corner Pad that is just dipped in paint and applied to the wall, and for the edges there is a Flocked Edger that also has a paint container and is very precise. Fearlessly start painting with it, you don’t need to put on a painter's tape as it won’t stain the moldings, frames or edges. When you paint the corners and edges, then do the wall with the main wide roller. The Easy Paint Pro roller releases paint evenly and it is not necessary to coat the same surface more than once. Pull it in W strokes from top to bottom and press medium hard. When you are done with the job, rinse the roller well with water and let it dry before you clean it.

If you are going to paint with an ordinary roller, then first push the furniture to the center and cover it with a drop cloth or lightweight plastic sheeting. All edges (moldings, frames, sockets ...) cover with a painter’s tape which you will remove after the job is done. Cover the floors with a drop cloth or lightweight plastic sheeting also. When removing the painter’s tape, wait for the paint to dry and pull it carefully. If the tape takes some paint off the wall (it happens), apply that piece of paint later with a narrow brush. If you accidentally stain another wall, a frame, etc. (it happens), IMMEDIATELY while the paint is still wet, wipe the stain with a wet cloth, because when it dries, then it's too late, or you won't be able to wipe the stain at all or it will it will be very difficult and will look messy. When the walls are dry, remove all painters tape and gather drop clothes, making sure any spills or splatters are dry before you move them and clean your space.

6. Don’t forget ventilation

During painting it is desirable to have open windows, not only to speed up the drying process but also to ventilate the space. That is why people choose to paint mainly in the warm period of the year (spring, summer) and on dry days, not while it is raining. Note for smokers: they say it is not good to smoke in a freshly painted room for the first 24 hours because the walls absorb smoke, so refrain for one day to keep the walls fresh for as long as possible.

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