Publication date: 23.08.2018.

An allergy is a reaction of the immune system to specific environmental factors. There are different types of allergies; respiratory allergies, allergies of gastrointestinal tract, skin allergies and allergies to medications. There are different symptoms and duration, but more often occurs in children and young people, and the most common cause of allergic reactions are dust mites and pet mites (hairs, skin, secretions), followed by pollen and others. It is therefore easy to conclude that a clean living place is an important factor in the prevention of allergic reactions. Flats should be regularly aerated, but it is also necessary to, at least twice a week, thoroughly vacuum floors, especially if you have a pet, or if you have a child or family member who has an allergy.

Thomas vacuum cleaner with water filter is ideal because sucks all the dust and mites into the water tank. Pour dirty water after vacuuming into the toilet and rinse tank under water. It is very easy to use, and is so powerful that you will be astonished by the freshness leaved behind. With conventional vacuum cleaner dust is collected in a paper bag, and dust flies through the filter and certainly you have experienced that with such vacuuming you must have an open window. With Thomas no! All dust remains in the water. You can pour a few drops of essential oil that you love and your apartment shall pleasant smell all day. For people suffering from allergies and respiratory system especially is recommended oil of eucalyptus. Get Thomas vacuum cleaner because it will certainly reduce the occurrence of allergies in your family.

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