Hair care and recovery after bleaching

Publication date: 20.11.2018.

You dyed hair in a blond and you can not recognize it now. It's dry, damaged, it breaks and falls, you are afraid to touch it not to damage it further. This is a story known to each blonde, even to brunettes who did balayage, highlights, ombre and similar dyeing techniques. As much as your hair is nurtured with masks, oils, and packungs, nothing helps her.

The hair can be lightened only with the bleach, and a hair dye is just changing the color of your hair. So if you want to become platinum blonde or lighten your hair for morethen 3  shades, you can not avoid bleaching. Hair ruined with bleaching can not recover. In a way it can be said that it is permanently ruined, even "dead". This part of the hair you will, sooner or later, have to cut.

But for every woman it is important to keep the length of hair, so you can try to avoid cutting as long as possible, but still looking nourished. The advantage of bleached, damaged hair is that it's not greasy, so you'll less often have to wash your hair. Here are a few tips to properly nurture damaged hair after bleaching:

- Try to wash your hair with colder water
- Use larger amounts of conditioner
- Do not rub the hair with a towel after washing, wrap it in a towel to naturally dry off
- If you use a hair dryer, set the temperature to medium strength, let it blow lukewarm air
- Do not brush or straighten your hair with a brush, as the hair tensioning will further break your hair

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