How to take care of your hair without products and avoid cutting the ends?

Publication date: 14.11.2023.

Like the bodies of other mammals, the human body is covered with hair. Hair grows from follicles on the skin (except on the palms and soles). The role of hair is mainly to provide thermal protection, and it is interesting that eyelashes, hair in the nose and hair in intimate areas prevent the entry of harmful particles into the openings of the human body. Hair, on the other hand, represents, both throughout history and today, mainly an ornament (especially for women), but also a status symbol, a symbol of belonging to a certain social community, etc. This is how people declare themselves with various hairstyles (example: dreadlocks, metalheads, skinheads...).

Among the majority, it is recognized that hair should be clean, healthy and well-groomed. The entire industry takes care of this by producing countless hair products. Considering that hair consists of protein (keratin), which is a bio-material, it is important to treat it properly, both externally (with preparations) and internally (with water and vitamins). This is extremely important if you dye your hair. The fact is that hair dyes, frequent washing and drying of the hair, even combing, destroy the hair and dry it out. That's why the hairs thin and break, they die from the ends, and over time you have fewer and fewer of them. If you at least want to style your hair in a high-quality way (without long blow-drying), we recommend that you get the Pro Hair Styler 5in1 device.

Here's why!

During classic blow-drying and ironing, the hair is exposed to extremely high temperatures. To process the ends (you or your hairdresser), you need to keep the hair dryer or iron on the same part for a long time to shape the hair the way you want, and even repeat the process several times on the same strand of hair. In this way, the hair burns, as you have probably already seen for yourself. Only the original Pro Hair Styler 5in1 dries & ionizes & curls & straightens & volumizes hair. PRO HAIR STYLER 5in1 is a unique device that dries and styles hair at the same time! That is why the hair is heated much less and it takes less time to style it. Using the Pro Hair Styler 5in1, you can literally do a variety of hairstyles (straighten, curl, create volume...) by yourself in about 10 minutes.

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