Natural rejuvenation

Publication date: 30.10.2018.

From Celloderm's assortment we recommend Celloderm gel containing a high dose of Allantoin, a natural ingredient obtained from snail mucus. Although it does not sound attractive, it is important to point out that the snail mucus, ie. gel is rich with self-healing characteristics, because if you did not know, the snail has the ability to renew his house in case of damages, cracks and so on. All thanks to Allantoin. Therefore, it is the very popular and quality ingredient used in the cosmetics industry.

We want to point out the benefits of Celloderm gel. Celloderm stimulates the skin cells to renew and therefore, after a short usage, there is a notably rejuvenation. It is outstanding in removing wrinkles from the skin. Also, stretch marks and scars.

Celloderm has a soft, smooth texture, it smoothes the skin and does not no grease it. It has a mild and pleasant fragrance. Because of these characteristics, it is an ideal base for make-up. In the morning, apply it on the clean skin, and it will give you the feeling of younger, smoother face, all day long. The make-up will be persistent and it will keep the whole day on the face, no matter if you use Fluid Foundation or loose powder, because Celloderm will not allow your face to goes greasy, not even in the popular T zone.

It should also be pointed out that Celloderm successfully removes acne and pimples, both the adolescent acne and the acne caused by hormonal disorders in the adult age. With regular use (at the morning and evening) Celloderm will dry out acne and smooth the skin, and even reduce scars and furrows from the acne.

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