The only thing you need to know when buying face cream

Publication date: 24.06.2020.

Creams really work on the skin - truth or myth? In this short text, you will learn how to choose a face cream, how much money is worth spending and whether you are cheated by famous brands.

What is crucial for you when choosing a face cream - a TV commercial in which you recognize yourself, the bombastic cream name (eg Q10, collagen, hyaluronic cream, etc.) or you read the ingredients list? Have you ever read the fine print on the cream packaging?

Believe it or not, the only correct thing is to read the ingredients list. Here's the secret: the ingredients in the cream are ALWAYS listed by quantity. So, if some "hyaluronic cream" has hyaluronic acid on the list in 10th place, it means that it is in the cream, but very, very small amount - not enough to have a visible effect on the skin.

It's easy to check: pick up two creams (cheap and more expensive) at the store and compare the compositions. If the first few ingredients on the lists are identical, it makes no sense to buy a more expensive cream - you’ll only pay for better packaging and marketing.

Creams that cost less than 50 kn usually have more or less the same compositions and are not rich in active ingredients. Sometimes, they will even do more harm than good to your skin because they will close your pores. Also, a cream that costs for example 600 kn, does not necessarily mean that it has a better composition than the one that costs 100 kn.

A short tip for the end: be sure to avoid creams that contain parabens (methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben) - it is better not to apply any cream than to risk a severe allergy or even cancer (long-term use of parabens is associated with skin cancer and breast cancer in women).

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