Physical therapy and electrotherapy against pain, stiffness and inflammation

Publication date: 19.12.2023.

Acute and chronic back pain - does physical therapy help?
Surely, like most people, you have experienced unpleasant, sometimes paralyzing, back pain at least once. This can be caused by improper sleeping position, stiffness due to sitting for several hours, strain on the spine, poor circulation, sports injury or much more serious chronic conditions such as degenerative diseases of the spine.

It all starts with a feeling of severe pain in a certain part of the back, most often in the lower back or neck area, followed by a feeling of stiffness, muscle tension and restriction of movement. By moving, the pain intensifies, and by resting, it calms down. Such conditions make it impossible for you to lead a "normal life", and according to some sources, they are the most common reason for chronic work incapacity in Croatia. Failure to treat such conditions leads to the emergence of chronic pain syndromes that can sometimes only be resolved by surgical treatment - spine surgery.

Degenerative diseases of the spine, as well as acute pain conditions in the back and neck area, are treated with pharmacological (tablets) and non-pharmacological (physical therapy) procedures. Your doctor will most likely send you to physical therapy. In addition to exercise, electrotherapy is often used in physical therapy for the treatment of painful conditions.

What type of pain does electrotherapy relieve?
Electrotherapy (EMS) is a therapeutic method of treating painful conditions by electrically supporting sensitive nerve endings in the skin, the treatment is used in medicine for the treatment of various acute and chronic pain conditions, to remove swelling, to calm inflammatory processes, in post-operative recovery or in the rehabilitation of acute injuries, sports injuries, herpes zoster etc.

Electrotherapy (EMS) in your own home!
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