Trampoline Workout - 9 perfect exercises for a 20-minute workout to sculpt your legs and butt

Publication date: 10.05.2021.

If you have a children’s trampoline in your backyard (or if you have a mini trampoline to exercise at home) or if you take your kids to jump on the trampoline somewhere near you, then you have a great opportunity to lose weight and do a good workout for you too! Send your kids for 20 minutes to rest a bit or to have a ice cream, and you dear Moms and Dads jump on the trampoline - a phenomenally funny workout awaits you!

Jumping on a trampoline is a super easy and fun way to make high-intensity circuit cardio training during which you will burn a serious number of calories, boost energy, build endurance, sculpt your legs, butt and core - and of course LOSE WEIGHT!

Number-one tip for getting the most out of a mini trampoline workout is to always press into your heels. It will help you stabilize and stay grounded on your trampoline while allowing you to activate your glutes and the backs of your legs.

Time: 20 minutes
Equipment: Trampoline
Good for: Total Body Shaping and Firming + Weight Loss

Instructions: Warmup! Begin with a few minutes of easy jumping to warm up your muscles. Perform each move for two minutes, then go straight on to the next. Try to minimize breaks in between exercises to keep your heart rate up. After trampoline training, drink water, stretch your muscles and enjoy your results!

1. Bounce Down

Stand in middle of trampoline with feet slightly wider than hips distance. While trying to keep head at same level, jump and tuck knees up toward your chest. Swing arms in opposition for counter balance. Continue for two minutes.

2. Jumping Jacks

Start with feet under hips in the middle of the tramp. Jump legs out so feet land outside shoulders, arms extended to either side. Hop feet together and cross arms in front of chest. Continue for two minutes.

3. Scissors

Start with feet under hips in middle of tramp. At the same time, hop one foot back and the other foot forward to land with slight bend in knees, hips square. Quickly reverse leg position, and swing arms back and forth for extra momentum. Continue for two minutes.

4. Ski

While keeping torso facing forward, jump feet together on one side of tramp as you swivel lower body until hips, knees, and feet face toward opposite front corner of tramp. Quickly reverse the movement by bounding to the other side of tramp. Swing arms in front of you with elbows bent for extra oomph. Continue for two minutes.

5. Surf Twist

Start with feet shoulder-width apart (and keep them that distance throughout drill). Bounce down while you rotate body a quarter turn in one direction, use the rebound to return to start and then repeat. Switch sides after ever two twists and swing arms in opposition of body as counterbalance. Continue for two minutes.

6. Running

Start with feet under hips, and then bring one knee up toward chest at a time, alternating arms. Continue for two minutes.

7. Knee Pull

Start with feet under hips. Extend arms in front of you at shoulder height. Pull arms back as you lift one knee toward chest, keeping 90-degree bend in leg. Return leg to start and repeat for one minutes. Switch sides for the second minute.

8. Side Kick

Start with feet slightly wider than hips. Bend arms and bring fists in front of chest. Use the rebound of a small hop to kick one leg out to side, extending arm on same side. Continue for one minute then switch sides for second minute.

9. Front Back

Start in middle of tramp with feet under hips and hands at sides. Tuck knees and hop forward and back on tramp while keeping hips and shoulders square. Swing arms in opposite direction of legs for counterbalance. Continue for two minutes.

Do this three times a week, if you want to look much better in a month, and in a couple of months unrecognizable - excellent!

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