ALL IN ONE-STEP: Ionizer & Hair Dryer & Hair Curler & Straightening Brush & Volumizer for smooth & silky hair

Publication date: 03.04.2023.

We’re passionate about providing you with the latest technologies and styling solutions that empower you to consistently achieve effortlessly, beautiful hair. Whether you desire gorgeous blowouts, big enviable waves, seductively straight locks or the perfect fashion hair accessory, we’ve got the tool to complete your beautiful look.

It is the unique Pro Hair Styler 5 in 1 - hair dryer, ionizer, hair curler, straightening brush and volumizer - quickly creates volume at the root and beautifully full-bodied curls the ends, so you can have salon results at home.

It’s a single hot tool specifically designed to make your life easier by blow-drying and styling your hair in one single motion. It saves you from having to blow-dry and straighten your hair in two separate steps and lets you avoid the struggle of using a hairdryer in one hand and round brush in the other. Because heat can be super damaging, it also features tourmaline technology, which helps reduce the effects of hot tools.

The Pro Hair Styler 5 in 1 features ionic technology known for providing incredible hair shine and smoothness. In contact with the hair, the ionic particles act on damaged hair, helping to smooth them out by reducing static electricity and significantly enhancing the shine of the hair.

Give your arms a break! Ergonomically designed with slim handle and lightweight providing maximum comfort and ease of use. Plus, the brush design with a built-in dryer means one-step styling for faster results.

This unique Pro Hair Styler 5 in 1 is the game-changing hair tool you’ve been waiting for!

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