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DR. KENT, glucosamine cream

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Dr. Kent GLUCOSAMINE CREAM is used for the care and massage of the joints, neck and back. It contains a carefully selected combination of active ingredients empowered with glucosamine sulfate, sodium chondroitin sulfate and MSM (organic sulfur).

The product provides an immediate, pleasant sensation of cooling and subsequent warming that can last for up to several hours.

100 ml

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Product description


Dr. Kent GLUCOSAMINE CREAM is used for the care and massage of joints, neck, and back. It soothes the skin, stimulates peripheral circulation, and provides warmth that relieves the unpleasant feeling.


Dr. Kent GLUCOSAMINE CREAM provides an immediate, pleasant sensation of cooling and subsequent warming, due to the action of a carefully selected combination of well-known active ingredients (menthol, camphor, methyl salicylate, clove essential oil, and hot-pepper extract). In addition, the product also contains glucosamine sulphate, sodium chondroitin sulphate and MSM (organic sulphur). Glucosamine and sodium chondroitin sulphate are components of healthy joints and connective tissues.

Dr. Kent GLUCOSAMINE CREAM does not contain any artificial dyes, or scents, and is regularly analyzed for any contaminants.


For external use only. Apply a thin layer of the product to the skin onto desired location and massage gently until completely absorbed, once to twice daily.

Avoid getting the cream on the mucous membranes and damaged skin. Wash your hands thoroughly after use and avoid contact with eyes.

Not recommended for patients that use anticoagulants. Please consult a licensed healthcare practitioner regarding any potential interactions or complications before using this product.

Store in a cool, dark and dry place.


Menthol - Muscle relaxant
Menthol is a very effective muscle relaxant. It helps to relieve muscles and provides relief and relaxation of the muscles.

Camphor - Muscle relaxant
Camphor may also be used in muscle rub products. It may help to relieve muscle cramps, spasms, and stiffness. The warming or cooling sensations that arise after the application of the products containing camphor provide relief and relaxation to the affected area.

Clove essential oil - Natural anesthetic
Clove oil temporarily numbs the surface of the skin when applied topically. It provides relief from soreness and swelling to joints and overworked muscles.

Hot pepper extract - Blood microcirculation booster
Capsaicin is an active component of chili peppers that stimulates heat sensors and produces a warming sensation when used topically. It is also recognized for its anti-inflammatory potential.

Methyl salicylate - Pain reliever
Methyl salicylate relieves minor muscle and joint aches and pain.

Sodium chondroitin sulfate - Cartilage maintainer
Sodium chondroitin sulfate delivers nutrients to the joint cartilage, helps to inhibit the enzymes that decompose the joint cartilage, and provides the building blocks for the formation of new joint cartilage.

Dimethyl sulfone (MSM) - Better flexibility effect
MSM improves joint flexibility and flexibility of the skin and muscle tissue.

Glucosamine sulfate - Joint protector
Glucosamine sulfate is known as “joint protector”, it can reduce stiffness in the joints, and improves joint mobility.

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