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Fabric Raised Garden Bed for all types of plants with a diameter of 90 cm (36'') allows you to grow healthy and fresh vegetables, beautiful flower beds or herbs at home (indoor and outdoor space: terrace, balcony, yard) in a simple way with a rich yield thanks to a special fabric that encourages the growth of good bacteria, protects your crop, aerates the roots and maintains optimal moisture levels.

  • Easy installation
  • Protection against pests
  • Ventilation and root drainage
  • Lush plant growth
  • Suitable for terraces and balconies

Fabric Raised Garden Bed is simple to set up: just unfold, fill and plant! At the end of the season, empty it, wash it and save it for next year.

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Product description


If you want to eat healthy fresh and naturally home-grown vegetables without pesticides, or if you want to decorate your balcony and terrace with beautiful flowers, then this Fabric Raised Garden Bed for all types of plants is the ideal choice for you. Grow vegetables, flowers or herbs at your fingertips!


This easy to set up weatherproof bed requires no laborious installation and folds out to offer gardening space that lasts for years. It warms quickly in the Spring, releases excessive heat in the Summer, and provides good drainage all year long. The Fabric Raised Garden Bed also air prunes roots while protecting plants from underground pests like gophers and moles.


The Fabric Raised Garden Bed is constructed from the porous fabric which dissipates excess heat and encourages excess water to evaporate, that's why plants luxuriate, whether you have a vegetable garden or a flower garden.

The fabric has a unique ability to air prune the roots, enhancing the plants’ ability to create strong healthy roots. As roots grow they soon reach the container walls causing the roots to air prune, which also causes a natural, fibrous root structure. In hard sided containers like plastic or wood, these roots immediately start circling. A plant’s roots naturally grow laterally, penetrating the earth for nutrients and water; natural roots do not circle.


  • Our fabric raised garden bed for all types of plants is the quickest and easiest way to start enjoying a productive garden at your fingertips.
  • Perfect Solution for limited garden space, poor garden soil.
  • Start growing your favorite vegetables or flowers anywhere!

Fun Gardening - If you have no place to grow vegetable, this fabric garden bed is the best choice. Just put it in your terrace, patio, yard and fill with fresh new earth. Plant your vegetables, flowers etc.

Excellent Protection - Made of a proprietary fabric material, a highly durable, UV resistant, non-woven fabric that provides exceptional air flow throughout the soil and root systems and allows excess moisture to easily drain away.

Great For - Suitable for indoor and outdoor planting. Ideal for an herb garden, small flower garden or vegetables.

Easy to Storage - No need to have empty garden pots and containers cluttering up your yard in winter. When the growing season is over, simply empty the earth out of the fabric bag and pack it away.


  • 36" Diameter x 12" Height
  • Volume: 50 Gal
  • Color: Black
  • Material: washable and UV resistant geotextile


Make your yard the most beautiful and decorate the space around the tree with flowers! The fabric raised garden bed allows you to grow flowers in a properly formed circle around the tree, which will beautify the yard. Simply dig up the soil around the tree, dig in the fabric raised garden bed with a hole in the middle for the tree, fill it with soil and plant flowers of your choice. Such a garden will last for years and entice the eyes.

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    MAESTRO one-time
  • slip, bank transfer, internet banking
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  • see the FAQ section
  • call on weekdays from 08-16h on +385 52 431155
  • send an inquiry to info@bestsellertv.com
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