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What are the payment methods?

You can pay the product purchased in the web store in two ways: a cash on delivery or a card. You choose the payment method during purchasing/ordering. Customers outside the republic of Croatia can only pay by card.

Cash on delivery: It is a cash payment upon receipt of the shipment. Cash on delivery can only be paid on the territory of Croatia. Payments are made exclusively in cash, ie the amount can not be paid by credit card.

Card (one-time or installments): Credit or debit card - this is a payment directly online, using a card payment service: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Diners. You can choose a one-time payment or installments.

MASTER CARD of Zagrebačka banka (one-time or 2- 12 installments interest free - only for amounts exceeding 66,36 €)

DINERS (one-time or 2- 12 installments interest free)

VISA PREMIUM (one-time or 2- 12 installments interest free)

MAESTRO one-time

Payment slip: When ordering and choosing payment options, a payment slip option is also offered. You need to enter data whether it's a physical or legal person, and you'll receive a payment-invitation offer on email. Once the payment is made, an account (for a physical or legal person) is automatically generated and the shipment is sent to the courier service.

What is the delivery deadline?
We deliver the products to the territory of the Republic of Croatia within 3 business days (Saturday, Sunday and non-working days are excluded) and to the buyer at the address within the European Union within 7 business days (Saturday, Sunday and non-working days are excluded) if we have the ordered product at the warehouse. If we do not have the ordered product in the warehouse at the time of the conclusion of the sales contract, the delivery deadlines specified above will not apply. In the event that for any reason we are not able to deliver any of the ordered products, an employee of MEDIACOM d.o.o. will contact the customer by phone or e-mail for the purpose of arranging the replacement product delivery or eventual cancellation of the ordered product.
Do you have a delivery in BiH?
No, we deliver products only within the European Union.
Do I have a right to return the product and how?

Yes, you can unilaterally terminate your sales contract within 14 days without giving any reasons.

The product return procedure is described in detail in the Terms of purchase (Right to unilateral termination of contract section) on our website and on the bill.

Who should I contact for a complaint?
For a complaint please call our sales department at +385 52 431155 on working days from 8am to 4pm or send an email to mediacom@bestsellertv.com with a subject: Complaint.
What is the cost of delivery?
It depends on the package weight. The delivery price is displayed next to the product price when ordering. For all orders over 200,00 €, we do not charge a delivery service in Croatia.
Do you have a retail store?
We do not have a retail store, but some of our products can be purchased at pharmacies and dm stores in Croatia. If you do not find the product in a pharmacy or dm store, you can buy it at our web shop (0-24h) or order it by phone on business days (09-13h) on +385 52 431155.
Can I buy a product at the company headquarters in Poreč?
The products can be purchased at the company headquarters in Poreč (Mate Vlašića 26/36) on business days (09-13h), with prior availability check (call us and check if the product is currently in stock).
Is it possible to get R1 and if so, how?
Such type of bill is available only for Croatian customers.