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GREASE POLICE, degreaser and cleaner

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Grease Police is a powerful, multipurpose degreaser and cleaner for stubborn burt-in grease, dirt, stains, limescale, even rust.

Purpose: it is intended for cleaning all surfaces, appliances, dishes, grills, tools, lawnmowers, rims and much more.

Ideal for cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, garden, etc.

Application: Spray instead of scrubbing - simply spray on, let the product work and wipe with a cloth or sponge.

Includes a high-quality microfiber cloth for optimal application.

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Product description

GREASE POLICE is the silver bullet against grease & dirt! Scrubbing is thing of the past, just spray on, let it take effect and wipe away any grease & dirt. Remove grease, dirt, limescale, water stains and much more on any surface.

Suitable for universal use on pans, hobs, ovens, barbecue grills, lawnmowers, wheel rims, and many other items. The powerful power formula removes even burnt-in and stubborn dirt. With the included high quality microfibre cloth can any cleaning be done in a breeze.

GREASE POLICE is the powerful universal degreaser that efficiently removes grease even if it’s been burnt-in for years!

Its secret lies in its powerful, concentrated formula that emulsifies grease and grime built up on contact! It’s incredibly effective—only ONE single drop can dissolve fat from the surface.

GREASE POLICE universal degreasing and cleaning agent effectively solves:

  • Greasy kitchen surfaces (oven, hood filters, grill, dishes, stove, etc.)
  • Grease on rims, tools, lawnmowers, machines
  • Stubborn dirt and limescale (shower, bathtub, sink, tiles, joints, etc.)
  • Rust on internal and external surfaces
  • and much more!

DEGREASER: Remove grease, grime, and dirt almost instantly from your kitchen appliances with this magical degreaser - It even works on the baked-on messes!

CLEANER SPRAY: Super-concentrated formula emulsifies dirt and grime on contact so you spend less time scrubbing. It's your go-to cleaner for the kitchen, bathroom, garage, and everywhere in between. Grease Police even removes dried spray paint!

NON-TOXIC & BIODEGRADABLE: Non-toxic formula works wonders on your great BBQ grill or outdoors when cleaning grease and dirt off your car tires. You'll love how clean your surfaces look - like new!

NO HARD WORK: just spray it on and it goes to work. All you need to do is wipe it off! No hard scrubbing, no scouring, no hard work. It's the easiest way to clean your home!

Instructions for use:

Directions: (1) Spray directly on the surface. (2) Allow to set for 2 minutes before wiping and rinsing, if necessary. (3) For more stubborn build-up, repeat, reapply and scrub with a soft bristle brush or scouring pad as necessary. Please use care when using a scouring pad or bristle brush to avoid scratching surfaces.

Safe for interior or exterior surfaces including carpet, washable fabrics, laminate, tile, siding, concrete, wood, metal (non-aluminum), plastic, mirrors, glass, grills, ovens, tubs. Not recommended for anodized aluminum or painted surfaces.
Note: Before using, test surface by applying to a small, hidden area.

In package:

  • 1 x Grease Police ready mix 500ml
  • 1 x spray head
  • 1 x microfibre cloth

Composition: bottle: PET, cloth: 80% Polyester 20% Polyamid

Payment and delivery

CRO 3-5 business days
Foreign 7 business days
We deliver only in EU

Free shipping:
for all orders over 200 € in CRO

Money back guarantee:
14 days


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    DINERS - one-time or 2- 12 installments interest free
    VISA - one-time or 2-12 installments interest free
    MAESTRO one-time
  • slip, bank transfer, internet banking
  • cash on delivery (only on the territory of Croatia)


  • see the FAQ section
  • call on weekdays from 09-13h on +385 52 431155
  • send an inquiry to info@bestsellertv.com
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