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WONDER CORE GENIUS, multi-functional training set

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In the Wonder Core Genius set, you get 9 pieces of equipment that can be transformed into 10 different applications in a second - all in one cassette, including an exclusive FREE APP - skipping rope, balance board, exercise band kit, roller wheels, roller bar and everything you need for full-body exercises. The individual components can be compactly stowed in the compartments of the device cassette.

The app contains over 100 training videos for the individual muscle groups and interactive games.

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Product description

Wonder Core Genius has won the prestigious 'Red Dot' award in the Fitness Equipment category for 2019, and here is the expert jury's statement: "With its multitude of different elements, the well-thought-out equipment set plus app meets the demands of contemporary fitness training to a high degree."


Easy To Store
All the pieces fit neatly in one easy-to-store & compact tray. You can take the Wonder Core Genius anywhere!





Personal Trainer App
The future of fitness is here with easy to follow videos to help you hit your fitness targets in a handy app.





Any Age & Fitness Level
6 ladies took on the challenge to prove that anyone of any age and fitness level can use the Wonder Core Genius.





Work Out At Home
Workout in the comfort of your own home, so no need to go out in the cold or to a crowded gym.





10 Pieces Of Equipment
Quickly clip any of the 9 parts together to make 10 pieces of fitness equipment & get over 100 exercises.





Target Your Whole Body
The app shows all the areas of your body each exercise targets so you can work on YOUR problem areas.






  • Easy Store Storage Tray
  • Balance Board & Base
  • Exercise Band Kit
  • Roller Wheels
  • Easy Grip Handles
  • Roller Bar
  • Skipping Rope & Joints
  • User Manual


Watch in a short video what comes in the set, how it is installed and used:

The Ab Roller Plus
The exercise bands supports the pulling back action, perfect for beginners. Hold the ab roller with both hands, roll the ab roller straight forward, stretching your body into a straight position. After that, start pulling yourself back with the strength of your upper body & core.

The Skipping Rope
Rope-jumping burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Skipping works muscles throughout the body, toning and improving cardio fitness. Each rep focuses on muscles in the arms, hips and legs.

The Ab Roller
Removing the exercise bands makes the Ab Roller Plus harder. The Ab Roller focuses on strengthening and stabilising your core as you stretch out and fight against gravity. Every rep builds strength in your upper body, abs, glutes and thighs.

The Plank
The balance board helps you strengthen your core. In stable mode, perfect the perfect plank and focus on control of core muscles. With the balance base attached, enhance your dynamic movement control and reach a new level of core strength.

The Resistance Band
The Resistance Band is the ultimate all-round exercise tool that can build up and enhance nearly every muscle in your body. The pull up and stretching technique requires multiple muscle groups to work together.

The Lower Body Twist
Use the lower body twist to work your waist, thighs and gluten. This fun exercise action burns calories fast, tones muscles, all while sculpting your body.

The Chest Expander
Grip the hand grips with each hand, using the resistance of the exercise band to stretch out your arms. Every rep builds strength and stability in your arms, shoulder and upper back.

The Push Up
Increase the strength of your wrists with the rotating push up. The unique rotation design targets the arms, chest, shoulders and back, keeping the wrists upright, while easing joint stress.

The Hand Gripper
The Hand Gripper is a training tool for strengthening the palms, wrists & forearms. Hand grip exercises can firm your arm muscles, reduce fatigue, improve blood circulation & boost training efficiency.

The Upper & Lower Body Workout
Combining the twisting action with the resistance band not only builds coordination, but trains and sculpts whole muscle groups, with a fun cardio workout.

Includes Exclusive Workout App!
Please watch the creative video that we made to introduce the App: https://youtu.be/gjIJV-o83rw

Your Own Personal Trainer
Built-in 100+ training videos and 10+ training programs. Tailor your workout routine by selecting the type of exercise and intensity at your fingertip. Start your training with the elite to achieve your fitness goal.

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    MAESTRO one-time
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