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A few days are separating us from the beginning of the summer and even though you're still at work, in your mind you are already at sea, planning a trip and thinking about what you need to take, what still need to organize... BestsellerTV made for you a selection of hit products that are ideal for summer 2017 and which will come handy on your holidays, but also later.

Quickly and efficiently inflating tires and other inflatable products
For safe driving, among other things, it is important to check tire pressure, whether you're in the car, camper or on a motor. That's what every driver knows. That's why you regularly check the tire pressure on the petrol stations and inflate the tires from time to time. Even on a bicycle. How about the idea that you have your handheld rechargeable compressor with which you can do the same whenever you want and wherever you want? Great, is not it? The Air Hawk is a handheld rechargeable compressor for inflating tires, children's toys, balls, air-mattresses, pools and much more. Small, easy to use, efficient, wireless, with digital LED gauge... Read more.

A smoke-free charcoal grill

It sounds impossible, but with the new GoBBQ grill of modern design and technology, that's 100% so. GoBBQ is a portable charcoal grill with a fan for faster heating and heat setting, with a large grill grid, the outside always cold to the touch, and the best thing about it is that the charcoal bowl comes with a lid so the fat does not drip on charcoal and does not smoke. It is therefore ideal for roasting a beautiful smoke-free grill, even on the balcony.

Clean apartments, cottages and business premises
Without a good vacuum cleaner you will hardly maintain the cleanliness. And cleanliness is extremely important, especially if you have small children, the apartments you rent, if you have a family member with an allergy or asthma, even if you have a pet that molts. Thomas is a water filter vacuum cleaner, and read more about its benefits.

What is a kitchen without a sharp knife?
To prepare meals it is the most important to have a sharp knife. Even if you just make an ordinary sandwich. Cutting bread, vegetables, cheese and salami, meat, fruits, potato peelings and similar actions can be fun, they can last for a short time and not cause frustration. Ceramic knives don't need to hone, each time are sharp like the first time. Read more about ceramic knives.

The miraculous appliance that closes broached packagings
You buy packaging of coffee, sugar, some spice, a bag of your favorite chips or similar, and if you do not immediately switch it into a container that can be tightly closed, your food loses odor and dries. It is the same with the fruit or meat you want to store in the refrigerator or freezer. You need plastic containers for that. Not anymore. ZippZapp is an appliance that closes original packagings in one single step, with which you can easily close the plastic storage bags. There are many functions to learn more about.

We hope that you find interesting our recommendations and that you will enjoy your vacation!
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15.06.17, 08:09