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Inox Cookware RL16B + Silicone mats

Inox Cookware RL16B + Silicone mats

Don't miss this unique opportunity!
Order this sensational package: Royalty Line inox cookware + 2 silicon mats Pyramid Pan, which are sold at the regular price of 24,99 euros, in this special offer will be yours for only 1 !
Royalty Line cookware allows healthier cooking with less fat and salt, thermal bottom longer holds the heat in the pot - energy saving, lids have a good grip which allows food cooking in its own steam, so foods retain the natural taste, smell and color. The package comes with 2 non-sticky mats Pyramid Pan (40x30 cm and 30x20 cm) for large and small baking pan. Made from 100% silicone that is suitable for food, can withstand high temperatures without changing their shape or properties. Use them in the oven and microwave, and can even be put in the refrigerator or freezer. Require little storage space. You do not have to grease the baking pan! You do not have to scrub it later! Wash mats in the dishwasher!
Value: 157,99 Eur
Price: 134,00 Eur
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Half of your health makes the food you eat. If you want to reduce your weight, cholesterol level, waistline or risk of heart attack, it is essential to eat healthy prepared food without too much oil, grease and salt that destroys the liver and kidneys. In Royalty Line stainless steel cookware foods retain the natural taste and precious minerals and thermolabile vitamins remain maximally preserved.

Why to choose STAINLESS STEEL cookware?

Royalty Line is a 16-pieces cookware made of the finest material which is used in professional kitchens of restaurants and hotels worldwide. This kitchenware, made of stainless steel, retains all values of vegetables, meat and other foods, foods are heat-processed to remain vitamins, minerals and other nutritional properties, and at the same time, have a taste you will enjoy! It is high quality cookware with the great attention dedicated to the design, so that can also be used for serving food.

MULTI-LAYERED BOTTOM - longer holds heat and reduces energy consumption

The Royalty Line cookware's bottoms are made of multi-layered stainless steel (Accu-thermal bottoms), much longer retain heat and distribute it evenly throughout the cooking pot, which favors the large energy savings.


With easy read Thermo Knob, you can check the heat and modify the cooking energy accordingly inside your fry pan without opening it. In this way vapor stays inside, and the meal'll be tastier and sooner done. When the thermostat indicates that the container is heated to the optimal temperature, reduce energy source and thereby save. Thanks to the lids that fit perfectly to cooking pots, this cookware can be used for storing food in the fridge.


Handles are partially covered with bakelit material to move hot fry pan without a hassle.

Give to yourself and your loved ones tastier, healthier and better life!


Royalty Line cookware is a permanent solution for every kitchen. You will get all that is needed to prepare all kinds of dishes; meat, fish, vegetables, stews, pasta... with pleasure.

The set is ideal for small and for larger families, as well as a wedding or a birthday present.

Set contains:

-          Frypan ø 24 x 6.5 cm with Metal Lid

-          Casserole ø 24 x 14 cm with Metal Lid

-          Casserole ø 20 x 10 cm with Metal Lid

-          Casserole ø 16 x 8 cm with Metal Lid

-          Saucepan ø 16 x 8 cm with Metal Lid

-          Steamer ø 20 x 9.5 cm

-          Mixing Bowl ø 20 cm with Plastic Lid

-          Suction Knob

-          Bakelite Mat x 2 pieces

General cleaning instuctions:

Each time after use, leave the cookware cool down naturally. Then wash it with neutral cleanser
and a sponge/towel. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Clean the cookware thoroughly after use to remove any residues that may burn and become
stains when the cookware is being used next time.

To remove tough stainst, pour hot water into the cookware to soften the stains. Scrub vigorously
with stainless steel cleanser or powder. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Minerals from water or starch from food may cause a white film formed on the cookware surface.
This white film can be removed by wiping with a dowel dipped in lemon juice or vinegar.
Then rinse and dry thoroughly.


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