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Celloderm collection

Celloderm collection

A completely new and revolutionary dimension in skin care consists of 4 products whose rich formula with Allantoin provides instant and long-term improvement of the skin structure, reduces wrinkles, acne, scars and stretch marks, and it is the latest discovery in skin care technology.

Removes all visible signs of skin aging; wrinkles, loss of elasticity, irregularities of complexion, dryness, itching, redness, enlarged pores, dehydration and more.

The products are mild, with delicate scent and soft texture. Easy and quick to absorb, do not grease the skin and currently give it softness, moisture, elasticity and a radiant look.

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Every day feel cherished, pampered and protected

Celloderm produces creams for face and body, because the skin is the largest human organ and we need to nourish, moisturize and provide it with care daily.

The natural ingredient Allantoin stimulates the production of proteins in cells, including collagen, which makes skin elastic, firm in its structure, renewed and younger. A formula with Allantoin successfully removes acne and prevents their formation. Cleans skin in a natural way and reduces scars. Therefore, it is especially recommended for teenagers.

Due to various factors, the skin gradually loses moisture and elasticity, thus Celloderm products deeply moisturize the skin to help it naturally tighten and strengthen. High concentration of effective anti-aging ingredients effectively helps to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin on the face, neck and décolleté. Provides skin with elasticity and softness.

Celloderm products are intended for women and men of all ages. Suitable for mature skin as well as for the young skin with the first appearance of expression lines.

Celloderm gel - formula with Allantoin reduces wrinkles, acne, scars and stretch marks
Celloderm cream - long-lasting hydration, smooth and silky skin
Celloderm eye cream - intensive Anti-age skin care for eye skin area
Celloderm Body and Hand cream - moisturizing cream for the whole body, reduces scars and stretch marks

- Anti-aging properties
- Natural formula
- Anti-acne
- Long-lasting hydration
- Rejuvenated look
- Smooth and firm skin

Set includes:
1x Gel 50 ml
1x Cream 50 ml
1x Eye Cream 15 ml
1x Body & Hand Cream 100 ml

Note: Results are individual and may vary among individuals.

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