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Ceramic brush Hollywood Straightener

Ceramic brush Hollywood Straightener

The morning brushing and already a perfect hairstyle!

The hair straightening brush Hollywood Straightener with ceramic bristles precisely detangles, straightens and styles all types and lengths of hair, from root to tip. Thanks to ionizers in ceramic bristles, hair is shiny, smooth, straight and not damaged.

- Salon results at home
- Perfect for all hair types
- Adjustable Temperature with LCD Display
- Detangles the hair while brushing
- Built-in ionizer in bristles
- Removes tangles and eliminates frizz

Value: 59,00 Eur
Price: 39,00 Eur
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How do the Hollywood stars get their straight and sexy hair? Forget the chemicals! That old fashioned blow dryer and round brush…too much work and the flat iron fries your hair! Why can’t you get that Hollywood look easy and fast?

You can with the Hollywood Straightener the revolutionary new hair straightener that will give you the silky smooth, straight look you’ve been wanting. It works in seconds and it’s as easy as simply brushing your hair!

New: Built-in ionizers in ceramic bristles
The secret to Hollywood Straightener is it’s all new, Ionic Ceramic Glaze Technology. The glazed ceramic technology allows the extra wide bristles to heat more evenly and straighten in just a single pass, super fast.The LCD display shows you the customizable temperatures up to 400 degrees, just click the easy reach control buttons for the right temperature. The state-of-the-art ionized heat provides moisture, helping repair damaged hair, adding volume and leaving your hair completely frizz free, shiny, straight and healthy looking! Plus, the anti-scald beads at the bristle tips stay cool to the touch to prevent burns.

For all hair types and lenghts!
The 360 degree swivel cord makes it simple and comfortable to style all over, even the back! And for safety, there’s an auto shut-off too! Now you can detangle, straighten and style with just one very unique brush, no matter what kind of hair or how long or short it is. With Hollywood Straightener you get a natural looking, frizz free look like you just walked out of the salon and on to the red carpet!

The unique features of the Hollywood Straightener are:
A) Ionic Ceramic Glaze Technology moisturize the hair and prevent the hair from becoming brittle
B) Auto shut off, this prevents the unit from overheating
C) High temperature reaches (400 degrees Fahrenheit/ 210 ºC)

Set includes:
A) The Hollywood Straightener
B) Storage pouch

You get designer carry bag so you can take your Hollywood Straightener with you on the go!

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