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Polaryte HD sunglasses

Polaryte HD sunglasses

Do you want to have the sunglasses that allow you to see the world around you in the HD view? The Polaryte HD sunglasses have polarized lenses which don’t darken your world, they are designed with optimum polarization so that the concentration of light is filtered out, they show precise, crisp colors, block harmful sun rays and glare and sharpen contrast and give you the visibility of high resolution. The lenses have a rubber protection so it will not scratch or destroy. Embedded magnets allow you to clip them on the edge of shirts, bikini, trousers or bags without fear of fall off or losing.

Protection: UV 400 / Weight: Very lightweight

​​Set includes:
1x Polaryte HD® black sunglasses
1x Polaryte HD® tortoiseshell sunglasses
1x the hard shell protective case
1x microfiber cleaning cloth

Value: 99,00 Eur
Price: 49,00 Eur
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Sunglasses with High-Definition visibility

The Polaryte HD sunglasses with High Definition technology completely change your view of the world. They don’t darken the color, just block out the sun rays and glare. Protect your vision, and modern Italian design gives you a nice look.

5 main features of polarized sunglasses:

   - cut the glare
   - deliver optimum clarity
   - sharpen contrast
   - crisp colors
   - UV protection for eyes


Fishermen, pilots and professional drivers love them because they block the harmful sun rays and make the view crystal clear. They do not darken the world around you and do not change the color of the landscape as ordinary sunglasses, but allow you to see the world around you in HD. They are very lightweight and comfortable, and will not annoy you while you wear them.

Embedded magnets guard your sunglasses
Polaryte HD lenses survive the toughest conditions so you do not have to be afraid of breaking or cracking your sunglasses. They have embedded small magnets that allow you to clip them hanged on a T-shirt, sleeve, pants, bag or bikini, without the fear that they will fall off and break or that you will lose them.

Crystal clear vision, full of colors
Polaryte HD sunglasses provide a richer, fuller and clearer colors without sacrificing clarity and contrast while protecting your eyesight.

In the set you get also a modern, hard shell protective carrying case for storage of glasses. The set comes with a great microfiber cleaning cloth which removes fingerprints and smudges without the use of chemicals. You will get also a second pair of sunglasses in the most popular "tortoiseshell" design.









These are the last sunglasses you will ever buy!


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