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GBLL Pro Laser projector

GBLL Pro Laser projector

The amazing new laser light projector will shower your home with thousands of colorful, dazzling stars. It transforms your home from ordinary to extraordinary! Glow Bright Laser Light Pro has a 3D holographic laser technology, which projects hundreds of high-powered light beams over 600 square feet - enough to instantly illuminate any house or room with a whole galaxy of colorful stars. This is the only laser with two colors that you can change. There are 9 different projection patterns for endless décor options.

Dual color (red and green) laser projector changes colors and patterns, it is waterproof, it works in any weather and has a remote control with timer. It comes with a sturdy indoor tripod and ground spike for garden, so you can use it in any occasion all year round.

• 3D holographic laser technology
• Choose between 9 different projections
• Covering area up to 56 m2
• Energy efficient - just 5 W energy consumption

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Price: 39,99 Eur
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Perfect illumination for every occasion!

Forget the old ways of decorating and lighting your home. It is time for modern, like never before laser lighting that will delight your friends, guests and even passers! Glow Bright Laser Light Pro (GBLL Pro) allows you to, in the most modern way, make a perfect Christmas and New Year's atmosphere and to decorate your house, garden or room for a birthday and anniversary.

3D holographic laser technology

Glow Bright Laser Light Pro has 3D holographic laser technology, which projects hundreds of high-powered light beams over 600 square feet. You’ll have tons of fun mixing and matching for endless light décor options; 9 modes and 2 colors (green and red). Decorate the façade of your house, garden or terrace for great party and the inner rooms with hundreds of colorful glowing dots and stars. Create the perfect atmosphere for birthdays, anniversaries, garden parties, and especially for the Christmas holidays!

How to use the GBLL Pro?

It’s very easy! When you want to use the laser as a Christmas outdoor lighting or for great outdoor party, put the laser on a ground spike and insert it in the garden or in a flower pot. Aim the light on the object you want to light up and plug in. No fear, the laser can stand out in the rain and snow because it is waterproof!

To illuminate the interior, put the laser on the indoor tripod. You also get a remote control, so you can easily, without getting up, change the color and projection whenever you want. Or set a timer to automatically turn it off.

Energy efficient

GBLL Pro uses 99% less energy than ordinary lights, so you can use it all year round for all the celebrations and holidays. Ordinary holiday lightings use more than 21 watts. GBLL Pro uses only 5 W. Decorations in your home and garden with GBLL Pro will be nicer and cheaper!

Glow Bright Laser Light Pro

Cable length: 1 m
Weight: 820 gr.
120V AC 5W energy consumption
Operating temperature: -20 ° C to 35 ° C


Now you can light up your home and garden, outdoor and indoor, on the most fascinating way! With your Glow Bright Laser Light Pro you will get included the weather resistant 2-color projector with 9 customizable settings, indoor tripod base stand and outdoor lawn stake. Included in the price you’ll also get the remote control with timer.








GBLL PRO set includes:

- laser projector with 9 modes (6 spinning, 3 still)
- ground stake
- tripod
- remote control with timer function

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