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GoBBQ portable grill

GoBBQ portable grill

This ultimate portable charcoal BBQ grill is heat-insulated so both base and grill body stay cool. No cord, no electricity needed; the fan for heating and temperature settings is battery powered. Grill grid and inner bowl are made of stainless steel and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The locks on the side of the outer bowl make GoBBQ sturdy and safe. For family use outdoor and indoor!

-          REDUCES SMOKE BY 90%
-          QUICK HEATING

Value: 199,00 Eur
Price: 109,00 Eur
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Whether you’re camping, on your balcony or terrace, tailgating, or just having fun away from home, the GoBBQ creates the ultimate grilling experience without the hassle. No fighting with the normal bulky BBQ when you use our GoBBQ. Not only does the convenient size mean it’s much more portable than a normal BBQ grill, it’s innovative design allows it to work without billowing smoke.

Main features: :
1. lightweight, convenient, portable, fast heating, low consumption
2. reduces smoke(the charcoal box has a lid so the grease does not drip on charcoal and no smoke is formed, all liquids interflow in the internal dripping stainless steel bowl)
3. adjustable battery-powered fanand an innovative product design that circulates the flow of air to insure efficient and fast burning for your BBQ
4. adjustable temperature(Turn the knob of the fan box to maximum speed for the flames to burn effectively. Turn then to desired temperature.)
5. mounting clips(pull down two clips on sides to lock the grill rack for safety)
6. stays cool outside (GoBBQ has two bowls – internal and external – with air circulating between, so the main unit (external bowl) is always cool and you can touch it even when the grill is on)











Put the stainless steel (dripping) bowl in the main unit. Put the ignition plate in the ss bowl and fill it with an amount of fire ignition gel. Fill box with charcoal en put it (by using gloves!) into the ignition plate and close with the lid. Place grill rack on bowl and lock with clips for safety. Turn the knob of the fan box to maximum speed for the flames to burn effectively. Turn then to desired temperature. You are ready to go!

Thanks to the extra large (315 mm) grill rack, GoBBQ is a grill for the family use and great parties at home, outdoor, on fishing, camping, at the beach, even on a boat. It is ideal for cottages and apartments. Bon appetit!

Gross / nett weight master carton:3,65 kg, 4,35 kg
Size inner grill, grill area and product size:Ø 350 mm | Ø 315 mm | 350x350x240 mm

Includes main unit, grill rack, charcoal box with lid, ignition plate with blue LED light & tongs. Batteries (4 AA) not included.

Parts of GoBBQ grill:

A. Tongs to remove a hot grill rack.
B. Grill Rack has a non-stick coating and is fully detachable to create a hassle-free experience from cooking to cleaning.
C. Lid of charcoal box help to spread the heat to full grill rack.
D. Charcoal box holds charcoal to maintain a steady, powerful heat.
E. Ignition plate for fire ignition gel (preferably smokeless, odorless and non-toxic).
F. Stainless steel dripping bowl is easy to detach from main unit and to clean in dishwasher.
G. Mounting clips - Hook the latches of the lock clips into metal loops, and pull down to lock the grill rack.
H. The main unit holds everything together in a portable design.
I. The adjustable, battery-powered fan box enables a quick, easy ignition.

On top, Go BBQ comes with a fully detachable, nonstick grill rack that features an extra large family size cooking space (up to 8 hamburgers, 16 sausages, or 12 kebabs). While food is cooking, the lower drip tray collects excess fat and allows grease to drain away, the snap lock system will help prevent spillage, and the included chef-grade tongs will help make grilling easier.

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