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GBFL Deluxe Laser projector

GBFL Deluxe Laser projector

The Glow Bright Festive Light projects an animated pattern of holiday happiness onto the surface of your choice – inside, or out – with 6 different changeable disks to choose from (Celebration, Christmas, Halloween, Winter, Summer, and Birthday), each with 4 different design patterns. Now you can celebrate all year round. It is waterproof and has a remote control with timer, a sturdy indoor tripod and ground spike for garden.


- 3D holographic laser technology
- 6 different looks, each with 4 slides
- Still or motion images
- Covering area over 56 m2
- Energy efficient - just 5W energy consumption
- Auto shut-off after 8 hours
- Weather resistant - indoor and outdoor use

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Price: 49,99 Eur
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Glow Bright Festive Light (GBFL) Deluxe Laser Projector presents the latest way to decorate interior and exterior spaces during holidays, celebrations and parties. It will allow you to organize celebrations and parties for the general thrill of all present and even random passers-by.

The festive lights collection has 6 slides to choose from (each has 4 images) and you can select still or motion setting with a quick push of a button. Put in a changeable disc depending on the occasion you celebrate:

CHRISTMAS – colorful images show Santa Claus, snowmen, sleighs and Christmas tree
CELEBRATION – colorful images show fireworks, balloons, rockets...
BIRTHDAY – colorful images show the birthday cake with candles, gifts with ribbons etc.
HALLOWEEN – colorful images show scary witches, pumpkins, bats...
WINTER – colorful images show beautiful snowflakes of different sizes and colors
SUMMER – colorful images show cheerful summer props, palm trees, sea...

The GBFL projector is waterproof and can be used outdoors on the ground stake (garden etc.) and on a tripod in the interior. Depending on the distance from the wall or the object it illuminates, it covers very large areas (larger than 56 m2), and ideally projects images on flat surfaces such as exterior facades on houses and buildings, walls in apartments, etc.

It's ideal for all private parties you prepare at home, in your backyard or on your patio, birthday parties, anniversaries, theme parties, weddings, Christmas and New Year's parties etc., but it is equally indispensable for your business such as bars and clubs, children's playrooms, restaurants, hotels etc.

GBFL is very convenient to use and very economical because it consumes very little power (LED lights, 5W consumption). With the projector you get 6 discs with different themes. Select the disk and insert it into the projector, turn it on on the remote control and select:

"STILL" MODE - the images are static
"MOTION" MODE - the images alternate and move

On the remote control you can set the automatic switch off (max. 8 hours).

Glow Bright Festive Light Deluxe laser projector

Cable length: 90 cm
Weight: 820 gr
120V AC 5W energy consumption
Operating temperature: -20 ° C to 35 ° C
Color box, size unit 20 x 15,5 x 23,5 cm
Weather proof | Auto shut off
Remote Control has 4 functions: ON/OFF, Still, Motion and Timer (up to 8 hrs).

GBFL Deluxe laser projector comes with:

-Projector with 6 changeable discs (Christmas, Party, Birthday, Halloween, Summer and Winter), each has 4 design patterns which can project still or motion images

- Outdoor ground stake

- Indoor tripod

- Remote control with timer

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