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Royalty Line marble coating cookware

Royalty Line marble coating cookware

14 pcs. Marble Coating Cookware Set with a non-stick coating in attractive red color has these features:

Because of the firing process, outer cover is harder than ever and can last more than regular coatings.

Use removable silicone handles if you cant handle the tough hot situations.
Because of their naked handles, these casseroles are highly preferred by the professional chefs in gourmet industry. Without changing casseroles, prepare your food on fire then throw into the oven without changing the casserole.
Start turning the fry pans handle and voila, pan is ready to go into the oven. Creativity meets with practicality.

- Non-Stick Marble Coating
- Durable & Light Die Cast Body
- Anti-Bacterial
- Dishwasher Safe

Value: 266,00 Eur
Price: 119,00 Eur
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