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Eco Heater

Eco Heater

EcoHeater is a 450Watt (= heating power!), plug-in personal space heater that uses thermo-ceramic design to take up less space and provide more warmth just about anywhere in your home. The energy-smart, personal space heater that simply plugs into any wall outlet! Eco Heater takes up no space at all and quickly and quietly transforms cold spaces into a warm and cozy place and saves energy too!

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Price: 33,00 Eur
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The secret to EcoHeater is it’s advanced, low energy consumption, Cerama-Therm technology making the unit small and attractive but powerful enough to produce the heat you really want for ultimate comfort! EcoHeater has an adjustable thermostat to give you precise temperature control with an easy-read LED display from 15 to 32 degrees and it has a 2-speed fan that circulates the warm air. Because it’s so small and compact, Eco Heater is really the Eco-Friendly way to take the chill out of a room fast.

You can use Eco Heater just about anywhere:

-          Bedrooms
-          Offices
-          Garages and workshops
-          Bathroom… no more cold tile floors when you get out of the bath!

EcoHeater has smart safety features built right in. It has a special, stay-cool housing, you can rest assured it’s safe and it has an auto timer and an auto shut off, so very smart! It’s so compact and easy to use, you’ll love having the EcoHeater everywhere, especially in those places that are always cold and drafty. Plus, it’s so compact and lightweight, you can even take it with you when you travel!

Size unit packaging: 12,5 x 16,5 x 8,8 cm
Weight unit: 480 grams


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