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Crystal Vision

Crystal Vision Magnifying Glasses

Crystal Vision magnifying glasses increase the objects you look at for 160%. It's like using a magnifying glass, but with free hands. That is why they are indispensable and very helpful to anyone who does not see tiny things or small letters, hobbyists, anyone who performs precision jobs or manual tasks, or reading a tiny or poorly visible text. Crystal Vision lenses are made of high quality polycarbonate and can be worn over your dioptric glasses.

They can be used to test subjects from close proximity without needing to hold a magnifying glass in your hand. They are supplied with a microfibre poche which is also used for cleaning.

Order 2 magnifying glasses and save 13 euros!

Value: 69,99 Eur
Price: 19,99 Eur
Special offer: 1+1

Package price: 26,99 Eur

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You’ve got a small and detailed job to do, but your eyesight isn’t helping you. A magnifying glass can help you see, but then you can never work hands free. Prescription glasses make things clearer, but not bigger, soreading fine print is such a chore… but not anymore! Finally, there’s a wearable solution for those tasks with small detailed items that you can’t quite see clearly!

Crystal Vision gives you hands-free, magnified vision with no distortion, so you can get the job done fast and easy. Crystal Vision uses crystal clear polycarbonate lenses, with built-in magnification technology to increase your vision by making everything closer and BIGGER, with incredible sharpness and clarity.

Crystal Vision is designed to be sleek and compact enough to wear over prescription glasses and even sunglasses, for a sure and secure, comfortable fit every time. And best of all, Crystal Vision is available to the public with no eye exam or prescription needed! Now you can read messages easily on your phone… see recipes and measurements easier when cooking your favorite dish… enjoy time with the grandkids with their favorite small toys… and it’s perfect for intricate details on all your arts and crafts.

Ideal for:

- Sewing and crafts
- Precision jobs
- Manual tasks
- Jewellery making
- Hobbies and more

Set includes:

1 Crystal Vision Magnifying Glasses
1 Microfiber pouch
1 Instruction manual


Net weight of the unit (without packaging): 0,0315 kgs
Sizes of the unit without packaging: 5x16x15.8 cm

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