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tensiomonitor wrist blood pressure monitor


Unique blood pressure monitor with large digital screen that changes colors (green, yellow, red) and can also be used by visually impaired persons. The device measures heart rate and blood pressure and can store up to 90 last measurements in memory. It shows cardiac arrhythmia. The device displays and stores the date and time at each measured value.

- Color screen changes colors (red, yellow, green)
- Computer controlled air discharge
- Easy handling
- Displays pulse and systolic& diastolic pressure
- Displays date and time
- Memorizes up to 90 stress measurements
- Certificate according to EU standards

Value: 93,99 Eur
Price: 53,99 Eur
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A unique blood pressure monitor with COLOR DISPLAY– Tensiomonitor warns you as if it were a traffic light: if the screen turns green, your tension is perfect, yellow, careful, you have to watch it. And if it is red, visit the doctor. As simple as that. With Tensiomonitor forget to go to the hospital to take your blood pressure or to use those complicated tensiometers and nothing practical.

Easy handling – Tensiomonitor is the intelligent blood pressure monitor that warns you if dangerous rises in tension. Put it on your wrist, press the start button, wait a few seconds and it will measure your tension without having to read or memorize complicated numbers. Tensiomonitor does not have wires and you can put it yourself.

- With the life we ​​lead today, you have to constantly monitor your blood pressure. Tensiomonitor memorizes up to 90 stress measurements, so you can show it to your GP. The device measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and has the necessary EU certificates to guarantee safety.
- Tensiomonitor also measures your heart rate. And it helps you prevent heart irregularities. Since it occupies so little space, you can take it anywhere.
- Memory: the device stores up to 90 last measurements in the memory, which is very useful because you can take it and show it to your GP.
- Display: time and date, systolic and diastolic pressure, heart rate (pulse)

Device comes with a practical box to store and transport it comfortably.

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