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Cavitat Ultrasonic cavitation

Cavitat Ultrasonic cavitation

Cavitat is an ultrasonic cavitation device and provides complete beauty treatment - for body and face. Simple, safe and effective professional treatment for your skin to be used in the comfort and privacy of your home just 10 to 15 minutes a day to experience changes in body and face. Your skin will look younger and smoother, and unpleasant cellulite will be smooth away forever.

It’s dual frequency device: stronger for ultrasonic cavitation and weaker for skin tightening.

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Cavitat - the noninvasive alternative to Liposuction that can help you reduce your localized fat deposits and eliminate ugly, dimply cellulite.

Cavitat creates microscopic bubbles within the fat cells that expand, produce pressure and cause the fat cells to burst and release the fatty acids to be metabolized. Cavitat is easy to use, safe and effective without causing pain or discomfort, you can barely even feel the sound waves.

Cavitat works very effectively on fat deposits, cellulite, weakened tonus, and vein and lymph stenosis. Stimulates cell activity and blood circulation, significantly improves oxygen supply, and promotes collagen production that makes the treated area elastic.

Cavitation is a non-invasive method of ultrasonic liposuction. The latest technology is used to make it, so that it is safe and effective. Cavitat is an ultrasonic device that decomposes the fat deposits by cavitation and also stimulates lymph drainage. The effect of cavitation is contributing to the breakdown of fat deposits and its elimination by lymph drainage followed by natural processes and collagen fibers remodeling.

The treatment is pleasant and effective in all parts of the body, especially for: thighs, buttocks, belly, hands and knees.

Cavitat is a professional strength dual frequency device! Switch to the more delicate face mode and Cavitat will improve your skin complexion and texture, diminish expression lines, smile lines, and crow's feet! You get both frequencies, which means, you’ll have it all! A sculpted, sexy, attractive cellulite free figure, and younger, smoother, more radiant looking skin!

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