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Duo Shaper corset

Duo Shaper corset

Duo Shaper is “two-phase” slimming and shaping corset that provides maximum support to show a slimmer figure, the result is two cool and comfortable garments which work together for a total transformation of the body;

- The Primer with reducing function: designed to instantly reduce measures, flatten the abdomen, reduce the waist, delineate the hips and thighs, hide the cellulite and stylize the back
- The Perfecter with Molder function: designed to lift the buttocks, enhance all the benefits of the Reducing Phase, and maximize the curves, it covers from the knee to under the chest, so the figure that is achieved is slender and uniform, getting to hide those ugly love handles and accumulated fat.

DUO SHAPER CONTENT: 2 strips (Primer and Perfecter)

Value: 79,99 Eur
Price: 53,99 Eur

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Duo Shaper is the revolutionary total-body shaper that delivers Maximum Instant Slimming, but is super easy to put on, plus comfortable and cool in any season! Duo Shaper delivers a smooth sexy silhouette! Now you can say goodbye to muffin top, back fat, saddle bags, love handles… flab, flaws, lumps and bumps!

Duo Shaper’s secret is its patented Duo-Phase System that provides effective Level 10 Compression for maximum slimming and shaping, but intelligently divides that intense level of compression into two separate steps so that you can easily put it on all by yourself.

Phase 1.
First, The Primer slides on and provides Phase 1 total-body shaping, waist slimming, push-up affect for sexy cleavage, and its wide top design provides high back control. But above all else, The Primer will flatten your tummy! It’s zero give, Compression Slim Zone, flattens the abdomen from the bra-line all the way down to the pelvic region, and because of its special zero give fabric, the more the Primer is stretched the more the Compression Slim Zone flattens!

Phase 2.
Then the Perfecter will give you sexy glutes and maximum figure forming, the finishing touch to your total-body transformation! Wear the Primer alone for casual compression on weekdays or together with the Perfecter for maximum slimming and extreme shaping while wearing that sexy weekend outfit! Both layers are put together for a perfect result.

Both layers are made of ULTRA-breathable material that is cool to wear in any season. Duo shaper stands out for being made with new comfortable microfiber breathable fabrics. It is so comfortable that you do not notice that you're wearing it.

SIZE M (40-42): measure hip 96.5-103 cm  
SIZE L (42-44): hip measurement: 104-109 cm
SIZE XL (44-46: measure hip 110.5-115.5 cm
SIZE XXL (46-48): hip measurement: 117-125.5 cm

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