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Starlyf cordless vac

Starlyf cordless vac

Starlyf Cordless Vac is a powerful total cleaning system without cables, with rechargeable battery, practical for use in indoor and outdoor areas. Small, light weight but powerful and easy-to-empty dirt tray. For this vacuum cleaner you don’t need paper dust bags. It will save you time and money. It comes with a lot of different accessories.

- Bagless dust bin
- Without cables
- One-touch easy empty bin
- Easy storage
- Light weight vacuum
- For all surfaces: indoor & Outdoor

Value: 169,00 Eur
Price: 119,00 Eur
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Starlyf Cordless Vac is a total cleaning system with incredible power that’s faster and easier to clean all of your messy jobs. The Starlyf Cordless Vac goes anywhere, cleaning the hardest-to-reach areas inside or out, upstairs, downstairs, even in your car or the backyard shed. Swiveling in and around and under without moving any furniture, making it easier and faster to use. You can move quickly from room to room without ever stopping and all without the hassle of a cord.

It has a double-speed double mode. Normal for everyday reordering and turbo speed for extremes. And when you're done cleaning, the touchless dirt tray empties with the push of a button. Furthermore, its compact and space-saving design makes it practical to store.

- Bagless dust bin
- Without cables
- One-touch easy empty bin
- Easy storage
- Light weight vacuum
- For all surfaces: indoor & Outdoor

Starlyf Cordless Vac weighs less than 5 lbs. You can use it with one hand. Plus the compact space-saving design stores away neatly. Starlyf Cordless Vac easily pulls in the mess on carpets, on wood floors, even tile. It’s engineered with high-performance cordless technology that amplifies the power, spinning up to 30,000 rpm. Real suction power that’s going to last, and it removes dust particles, allergens, and pollutants from the air, keeping your family safe.


- Input power: 100-240 V - 50/60 Hz – 24W
- Output power: 26 V 500 mA

- Input power: 22.2 V
- Suction power: 23.9 W
- Power consumption: 140 W

- Voltage: 22.2 V
- Material: Li-ion
- 2000 mAh

Weight: 2,95 kg
Power supply: Power 220V
Power: 24 watt

Starlyf Cordless Vac is the complete cleaning system. It includes the upholstery brush for all your chairs, couches, or curtains. Dusting brush for windowsills, bookcases, or shelves. Universal swivel brush to clean in and around ceiling fans and blinds. The electronic brush for keyboards and all your appliances. And the crevice tool to reach those extra tight areas.

a) Aluminium extension wand to help with cleaning
b) Standard floor attachment for general cleaning
c) Crevice tool
d) Round dusting brush
e) Upholstery tool
f) Crevice tool with moving brush
g) Multi-angle rotating tool

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