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Muscle Massage System

Muscle Massage System

Electrotherapy in your own home!

Are you suffering from aches and pains, rheumatism, inflammation, tension and muscle stiffness, poor circulation? Do you want to afford yourself a deep massage and relaxation or you need electrotherapy? Muscle Massage System is a relief! Whenever you want and wherever you want! It is clinically tested and proven, powerful, professional and easy to use. Helps to reduce pain, swelling, stiffness of muscles and improves circulation. 
With Muscle Massage System you get large Flex Tone pads and Foot Relief Massage pads worth 449 kn included in the price.
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Muscle tension, pain, numbness, tingling, spasms, poor circulation ...? Many are faced with these problems. If you want to improve your condition, reduce pain or get rid of it, to relax, good idea would be a massage or therapy, is not it?

Dr. Ho's Muscle Massage System is a reliable, professional, clinically tested device for the release of tension and stiffness and reducing muscle pain. It is also used as a device for relaxation and stress relief because it is programmed to perform 12 deep relaxing therapeutic massages. This device relaxes tense muscles, helps relieve from the pain and improves circulation. *

Why is it unique?
By pressing the buttons you can simply choose the duration, mode and intensity of treatment. It does not transmit repetitive waves, but alternately changing techniques, so you will not get used to the same stimulus and the stimulation is better. Electro-waves tense and relax the muscles which stimulates circulation while reducing pain. It is recommended to be used several times a day in cycles of 20 minutes.
Electro therapy is recommended and helps with treating:
• Headaches
• Back pain
• Neck pain & shoulder tension
• Foot, ankle, knee and hip pain
• Joint-related pain, sports-related injuries
• Repetitive strain related injuries
• General aches and pain
• Nerve-related conditions, trouble sleeping
• Sooting relaxation massage therapy
Dr. Ho's Muscle Massage System is the therapy that you can provide at any time in your own home. You do not have to waste any more time and money on expensive massages and chiropractors. For only 20 minutes a day, relax your tense and aching muscles and live a life without pain!
Included in the price - extra pads!
With the device come two large Flextone electrodes that are used to stimulate the larger muscle groups and also large pads for feet which promote blood circulation and ease painful conditions. 

Registered for sale of medical products at HALMED.

Before using consult your physician. Results may vary among individuals. Clinical studies were conducted at the department of Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo in Canada. 

Technical specification

Muscle Massage System is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries.

Included in Dr. Ho’s Muscle Massage System:
• 4 replacement gel pads
• 2 extra large flex tone pads
• foot relief massage pads
• 2 electrode wire sets- includes 4 Electrodes with gel pads
• 2 clip-on carrying cases
• personal travel bag
• the instruction manual
• Dr. Ho's fast pain relief guide

It is included in the price!
Bundled with the device are included in the price two large Flextone electrodes that are used to stimulate the larger muscle groups (back, thighs, shoulders ...) and are perfect for targeted, deep removal of tension from stiff, tense parts of the body. Also in the package come large pads for feet. Place the bare feet on the pads while watching TV, while resting or when it is practical to you, turn on the device for 20 minutes and set the intensity to suit you and you will experience a relaxing foot massage. Electrical stimulation promotes blood circulation, eases painful conditions, you will feel more comfortable and better.

Dr. Ho's Muscle Massage System is programmed to provide 12 best sooting massage techniques that relieve chronic muscle tension and pain. This device simulates the techniques used by massage therapists, including strong squeezing, gently kicking and relaxing rub.

How to use it?
This is a very simple device to use and you can use it whenever you want and wherever you want. Does not take much place, the electrodes can be placed on the body under clothing so you can use it at work. On the Muscle Massage System by pressing the keys, you can choose the duration of the cycle, mode and intensity. Self-adhesive electrodes are easily attached to the body (on clean skin) and before using they must be mildly moistened with water.

It is recommended to use it several times a day for 20 minutes. Details of the using methods are described in the printed brochure/Manual that comes with the device as well as instructions for performing corrective exercises for more than 20 areas of the body.

Note: If you have serious health problems, before using consult your doctor. Results may vary among individuals. Persons with a pacemaker should not use this device.

Before using consult your physician. Results may vary among individuals. 

- The gel pads aren’t sticking, what should I do?
First, please make sure that the protective plastic covering on the gel pads have been removed. The gel pads are water activated. Before each use, dip your fingers into some water and rub the water onto each gel pad. Wait approximately 30-40 seconds before applying to your dry skin. Depending on frequency of use, remove the old pads and replace with new pads about once a month to ensure maximum effectiveness. Also, remember to place the electrodes back into the storage tray right after each use to prevent the pads from drying up and picking up dirt.

- What do most people use Muscle Massage System for?
Most people use Muscle Massage System to help relieve their muscle tension and pain, reduce muscle spasms, and improve circulation. Some of the most common conditions people use Muscle Massage System include:

• Headaches
• Neck pain
• Shoulder pain
• Rotator cuff pain
• Elbow pain
• Wrist pain
• Hand pain
• Joint pain
• Back pain
• Hip pain
• Leg pain
• Knee pain
• Cramps
• Strains and sprains
• Ankle pain
• Foot pain and fatigue

We have also received thousands of testimonials from people who simply enjoy the soothing, relaxation massage provided by Muscle Massage System.

- One pad feels like there’s less stimulation, why?
Often, there is a stronger sensation in one pad more than the other. This is very common and is expected. The machine is working fine, there's no problem. Often, one side of your body is much more sensitive than the other side. It is also possible that one pad is placed closer to nerve centres than the other.

- There is a stinging sensation from the pads, what should I do?
The gel pads are water activated. They must be moist and sticky to work. Pads that are not moist enough will produce a weak and stinging sensation. Before each use dip your finger into some water and put the water onto the gel pads. Wait approximately 30-40 seconds before applying to you skin. Make sure that the pads are making full and firm contact with the skin.
Also, make sure the pads are not worn out. If they are too old (over 1 month), they might cause that stinging sensation. Remove the old pads and replace with new ones about once per month if used regularly.

- I can barely feel anything from the pads, what’s wrong?
First, check to make sure the batteries are not old and that they have enough power to run the machine properly. Even new batteries from some stores are stale from sitting on the shelf for a long time. Also, always make sure to use alkaline, non-rechargeable batteries because the rechargeable batteries reduce strength as they become old and the stimulation will be less.
If the batteries are not the problem, check to make sure the gel pads are in good condition. Make sure they are moist and clean. Before each and every use moisten the gel pad with a little water and wait approximately 30-40 seconds before applying to your skin.
Also, the problem might be a loose wire connection. Make sure the plug is securely plugged into the device and well inserted into the electrodes.

- When should I change the gel pads?
Depending on frequency of use, if you are using it everyday the gel pads should be changed about once every month. Remove the old gel pads first, and stick on a pair of new ones. Do not just flip over the old ones. This will ensure that you'll get great results every time. Once you put a new set of pads on, the device will work like new again. Please clean your skin first if you use skin creams or if skin is dirty before sticking on the gel pads.

- Can this unit help to define my abs?
Please note that no muscle stimulators can help you lose body fat, do not be mislead by false claims. Muscle Massage System is designed and scientifically proven to help relieve muscle tension and spasms, reduce pain, and promote circulation. It is one of the most powerful muscle stimulators on the market today. In fact, it is as powerful and effective as some plug-in units used in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy clinics. Muscle Massage System can help stimulate your muscles to contract and relax. This can help prevent muscle stiffness and maintain circulation. For this reason, many people who live a sedentary lifestyle use Muscle Massage System on all different muscle groups. Many women have also reported using the unit for relief of aching menstrual cramps.

- I have a pacemaker, is this machine safe for me to use?
No, unfortunately, the unit is not recommended to be used by those with a pacemaker. If you have a heart condition but are not wearing a heart pace maker, then it is safe for you to use it. For more information on who should not use the Muscle Massage System.

- Can this be used on the face? Or is it too dangerous?
Yes, this machine can be used on the face for sinus congestion and other forms of facial pain. We recommend using the device on low intensity and on mode 3 (more soothing). You can use it to simulate facial muscle exercises as well. Always use a low setting and preferably mode 3 for the face because it is a sensitive area. It is normal to feel an electrical sensation and the taste of metal during treatment.

- Does the stiumlation hurt?
No, it feels good. Muscle Massage System simulates 12 deep soothing massage techniques including deep kneading, relaxing rubbing and gentle chopping. It feels so good. You have to try it to know how good you will feel with Muscle Massage System.


- Is this a TENs unit?
Yes, and it does so much more. A traditional T.E.N.S. unit only blocks the pain temporarily. Muscle Massage System is scientifically proven to relieve muscle tension and spasms, reduce pain, and promote circulation. Traditional T.E.N.S. machines provide stimulation at the same frequency, overtime the body adapts and stops responding. Muscle Massage System provides 12 different types of stimulation that vary in frequency, wave-form, ramp speed, and intensity. Muscle Massage Systemis also programmed to automatically change the stimulation at random to prevent the body from adapting. These 12 different types of stimulation simulate 12 soothing and relaxing massage techniques. The most important difference about Muscle Massage System over the traditional T.E.N.S. machine is that it is proven to provide relief within 20 minutes of use.

- How long can I use the unit for? Is there a time limit?
For chronic problems, we recommend you use Muscle Massage System 20 to 30 minutes each time, 3 to 6 times per day for better and faster improvement. You can use it as often as you like. There are NO chemicals or drugs involved. It is very safe for long- term use.

- Do I need to ask my doctor first about using this device?
Anyone with health concerns should be under the care of their health professionals for proper diagnosis and treatment. Muscle Massage System is designed for your personal use and comes with a detailed instructional video and can be easily and safely applied. However, it does not replace your health care professional. When in doubt, we recommend that you always consult with your doctor first. You can bring the device and show it to your doctor.

- Is Muscle Massage System device similar to the machines that are used in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy centers?
The power and the effectiveness of Muscle Massage System are equal or better than some of those big expensive devices used by the professionals. There are also some unique benefits with Muscle Massage System that many of those large professional devices do not offer. It simulates twelve of the most relaxing massage techniques. It is programmed to automatically and continuously provide a different massage pattern every few seconds. The advantage is that your body will not easily adapt to the same form of stimulation. Muscle Massage System is fully automated so it’s very simple for you and your family to use. It is also priced very reasonably since Dr. Michael Ho had made a personal commitment to help as many people as possible. Most machines with similar power and effectiveness can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars more. They are generally very difficult to operate. Muscle Massage System also comes with an instructional video so you will know what to do to get the best results. It works like nothing else you've tried before. Give it a try and email us to let us know what you honestly think of it.

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