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Pyramid Pan non-stick mat

Pyramid Pan non-stick mat

500 pyramids allow air to circulate under food for even heat distribution - no turning required! Drips away fat & grease leaving you with a delicious healthy meal! Non-stick surface for super easy clean-up! Reheats food crispy & juicy - the way it was originally enjoyed! Multiple Uses: Trivet, pot holder, oven, and more! For a tasty and delicious meals without the fat and turning!

- You don't have to grease the baking pan
- You don't have to scrub it later
- Wash the Pyramid Pan in a washing machine
- You don't have to use a parchment paper

Set includes:
1x Pyramid Pan 40x30 cm
1x Pyramid Pan 30x20 cm

Value: 39,99 Eur
Price: 24,99 Eur
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Baking in an ordinary pan can create a dining disaster!
If you don’t constantly turn the food, it burns and sticks to the pan or winds up a greasy mess, soaked in its own fat.

Now there’s PYRAMID PAN, the amazing silicone solution that transforms any pan into the perfect pan for baking! With PYRAMID PAN, food cooks evenly on both sides without turning.

The secret is 500 tiny pyramids that let food sit above the bottom of the pan. This allows hot air to circulate under and around and the fat to drip away. So your food comes out crispy, juicy and evenly baked –  every time you use it! 

Whether its chicken strips or breaded fish, delicious French Fries, crunchy tacquitos or egg rolls, even crab cakes!

With PYRAMID PAN, everything comes out perfectly with no sticking and no need for constant turning and because the food sits on top of pyramids unhealthy grease and fat drain away!

You get all the taste of deep frying without the frying or the fat!
Perfect for onion rings and great for chicken wings - they cook evenly from top to bottom.

It’s microwave safe so bacon fat just drips away. Made of non-stick silicone, it cleans up in a snap.

It’s dishwasher safe, and rolls up to store in a drawer.
You’ll find dozens of other uses too.

With Pyramid Pan 40x30 cm you'll also get the standard Pyramid Pan 30x20 cm for smaller ovens and microwaves.


The mat is made ​​from the highest quality silicone therefore is completely healthy, ideal stands high temperatures, and it is very easy to clean - the food just peel off – amazing!

Forget sticked meat and scraping and painstakingly cleaning oven sheet!

Easy to clean, wash and maintain!

You get PYRAMID PAN 40x30 cm for large oven sheets and the standard Pyramid Pan 30x20 cm for smaller oven sheets and microwaves.

Set includes:
1x Pyramid Pan 40x30 cm
1x Pyramid Pan 3x20 cm

You can cut and shape Pyramid pan for oven sheets which are outside standard dimensions.

It’s dishwasher safe

It’s very practical, rolls up to store in a drawer, does not take up a lot of space, and you can use it also as coaster!

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