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Thomas vacuum cleaner with water filter

Thomas vacuum cleaner with water filter

German vacuum cleaner - top quality!

The Vacuum cleaner with water filter Thomas 1520 Bi-Turbo Vector is produced by the famous German manufacturer of household appliances Thomas. It is the highest quality vacuum cleaner and it is the most powerful, thoroughly cleans your home of the causes of allergies such as dust mites and bacteria.
Sucks up dust, dirt and even up to 13 liters of liquid, and excellent unclogs clogged tubes and drains!


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Price: 149,00 Eur
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- Powerful 1520 Bi-Turbo Motor
- Water filter
- Bagless
- Easy to use
- Easy to clean
- Sucks the liquid
- Great suction power
- Filters the air in damp rooms
(perfect for basements, attics, garages ...)
- Powerful enough for large commercial spaces
Causes of various diseases, they are all around us. Dust mites in the home, the bacteria in the bathrooms and kitchens, dust, pollen... All of this leads to diseases such as asthma and allergic reactions, especially in young children. In just one gram of the house dust live 100-500 mites! That is why it is very important to regularly and thoroughly clean your home.

Vacuum cleaner Thomas 1520 Bi-Turbo Vector is produced in Germany, and that guarantees quality and durability. Thoroughly vacuums the dust and dirt from all types of flooring (ceramic, wood, laminate flooring, carpets...), deeply sucks up the dust and pet hair from the textile surfaces such as couches, mattresses, sofas, beds, etc., and it is ideal for vacuuming hard-to-reach places in your home and car.

With the Bi-Turbo motor, Thomas will thoroughly clean every part of your home, and thanks to the system on the water filtration, it will filter the air in your home. Remove the suction stick and turn on your Thomas vacuum cleaner, it will suck in all the stale air in the room, purify it in the filter and therefore the room will be refreshed as you're aerated it for hours. Ideal for rooms where are no windows or in which collects the moisture like the basements, attics, garages, etc. Ideal for smokers and families with small children or sick people. If you add in the water, a few drops of essential oil, the whole room will smell for hours comfortably.

You will fall in love in its strength and the purity which it leaves behind!

The advantages of the Thomas vacuum cleaner:

- The water filter
- The motor with strength 1500 Wat Bi-Turbo
- The big suction power
- Dust particles remain in the water so it is extremely suitable for allergy sufferers
- Serves as an Air Purifier
- Compact and extremely easy to maintain
- Without further investment and spending money on expensive paper bags

Made in Germany.


Thomas vacuum cleaner great cleans all the rooms in your home, from the kitchen floors and surfaces, over the mattresses in the bedroom, couches and armchairs in the living room, all the way to the bathroom, a terrace, a garage and a working room. It is ideal to maintain a larger comercial places because of its strength, quality and durability.

With Thomas you can suck up to 13 l liquid! Spilled water, juice or baby food are disappearing from the floor in a snap, and the surfaces remain crystal clear. Thanks to the great strength of the intake manifold, you can use it for uncloging sinks, pipes and washbasins. Remove the brush for vacuuming from the stick and put the stick directly on the pipe drain body opening. Turn on Thomas and watch how easily pulls out the dirt from the sink or washbasin.

The biggest advantage of Thomas vacuum cleaner is that you don't need to invest further in costly paper bags. After use, empty the full dirt container in the toilet bowl, and then rinse it with water and it is ready for further use. Before vacuuming, you should pour in the tank 2 l of water, and you can put a few drops of your favorite essential oil and you will feel how your favorite scent spreads through the air around the room. Thomas is very practical and has no complicated electronic keys and screen, it is easy to use and all the parts (except the housing with the engine) you can wash with the water. After each use, your Thomas vacuum cleaner will be as good as new!

It is indispensable in the flats of allergy patients, asthmatics and smokers, because the dust particles remain in the water, and so the air is thoroughly filtered and naturally cleaned! It is also indispensable in families who have pets, because it easily, without danger of clogging, vacuums pet hair from the floor and furniture. If you have children, Thomas will be your best friend and the best choice for you.

Detailed instructions for use are provided in the packaging with the vacuum cleaner.

Thomas vacuum cleaner has a suction force on the tube 170 W, unlike other engines of the same power vacuum that has suction power tubes of only 70 to 75 W. Therefore Thomas effortlessly quickly and effectively cleans and vacuums dust, dirt, and even liquids. Because of its strength, it great serves to unclog the sinks, washbasins, etc.

The package includes:

- combination brush
- water filter
- protection for engine
- addition to suction fluid
- narrow and flat extension
- extension to unclog


Technical characteristics:


- weight: 6.8 kg
- height: 41 cm
- width: 39 cm
- pressure of 23 kPa
- air volume of 34 l/s
- suction power on the tube: 170 W
- IEC max power: 1500 W
- tank: 20 l
- possibility of suction 13 l
- filtration system: water
- dimensions (LxWxH): 40 cm x 40 cm x 43 cm

Warranty: 1 year

Made in Germany.

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