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Mr.Ti window cleaning kit

Mr.Ti window cleaning kit

Cleans streak-free with lightning speed AND with absolutely no dripping due to the patented water guiding ridges on the silicone lip. The waste water passes into the integrated Mr. Ti water tank - even when cleaning overhead, there is NO dripping, NO mess, NO splashing water and even the frame stays dry. Whether it be for windows, winter garden, tiled walls, mirrors or rounded shower stalls - Mr. Ti is very versatile! This ingenious cleaning system is easy to use and ensures all over sparkling shine.

Set includes:
1× large Mr. Ti (width: 29 cm)
1× handle for Mr. Ti
1× pre-washer
1× microfiber cover for pre-washer
1× bucket

Value: 69,00 Eur
Price: 39,00 Eur
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MR. TI – Easier than ever before!

With the ingenious, world first Mr. Ti you can, from now on, easily clean everything from windows, to winter gardens, tiled walls and rounded shower stalls without leaving streaks or smears. Every smooth or rounded surface will be spick-and-span in record time. With Mr. Ti there will be no more drips, messes, or water splashes! Thanks to the patented water guiding ridges, the waste water will pass directly into the integrated water tank while squeegeeing. Every surface will be crystal clear and when finished, simply pour the water into the bucket – it couldn’t be easier.

With just a few drops of the cleaner, not even caked-on dirt stands a chance. Thanks to revolutionary Mr. Ti all smooth surfaces in your home: windows, glasses, winter gardens, glass tables, kitchen surfaces, tiles and even grout, shower stalls - will be sparkling and clean!

Mr. Ti is extremely lightweight, easy to use, and always ensures sparkling results everywhere.


We also offer Deluxe set:1x large Mr. Ti, 1x handle for Mr. Ti, 1x pre-washer, 3x microfiber covers for pre-washer, 1x bucket + 1x smaller Mr. Ti.


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