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Universal wrenches

Universal wrenches

The right tools for every man and craftsman! A set of two universal wrenches replaces a whole bunch of your tools and allows you to do plumbing, carpentry, mechanics and other! Universal wrenches adapt to all kinds of nuts and bolts:

- Small universal wrench with two heads is perfect for small screws 08-14 mm
- Medium head is adapted for a range of sizes from 16 to 22 mm
- A big wrench is used for the screws from 24 to a very large 32 mm

Value: 26,99 Eur
Price: 19,99 Eur
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From now on you only need universal wrenches!

Griping Technology allows Universal wrenches to tighten and release standard, worn nuts, bolts and pipes of different sizes and shapes, saving you money and space. Ideal for mechanical, plumbing, carpentry and other work, repair of bicycles, for difficult accessible screws and as sockets!

In the package you'll get 2 universal wrenches with three heads for screws of various sizes - from 08 up to 32 mm.


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