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Holy Mary - Solar Statue

Unique solar 3D statue of the Holy Mary in a beautiful crystal. The statue is made in high-quality crystal with special 3D laser technique, so it looks like real. Serves as wonderful decoration in your house, on the desk, in the children’s room, in living room or in bedroom, and has included ground spike so you can put it in the garden or on the grave.

May the grace of the Mother of God is always with you and your loved ones!

Value: 49,00 Eur
Price: 29,00 Eur
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Bring a little tranquility into your home and garden

3D statue of Holy Mary with the laser etched lead crystal solar lights. It is a solar statue, recharges during the day and lights up at night with a white light. It is practical because there are no plugs, no wires and no electricity.

It is suitable for the interior of each home, you can keep it in your workplace, give it to the person you love, and has included special ground spike so you can place it in front of your house in the garden, on your terrace, on the balcony or on the grave of a loved one.

Crystal cube: 48x25x75 mm
Base size: 87x57x22 mm



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