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Xtreme Body shaper

Xtreme Body shaper

Much better figure ina  snap! Would you like to have in only one minute taut, slender and sexy body, reduce size, narrow waist, raise the breast and buttocks, flatten the belly? Xtreme Body allows you to wear whatever you want and make you look much better. 


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Price: 39,00 Eur

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Xtreme Body

Xtreme Body tapered waistline, improves posture and is very comfortable. The usual corsets do not cover the lower abdomen which is why you can see the unattractive fat deposits. Xtreme Body covers and flattens the whole belly and allows you to have a thinner and attractive figure. Other corsets will not cover fatty deposits on your back, just Xtreme Body covers this area and your appearance will be flatter and a burnished in a minute!

Xtreme Body makes your waist much better formed, lifts breast and immediately improves posture.

Now you can confidently wear whatever you want and look better than ever. His lines are soft and gentle and it is made from the finest fabrics. Only Xtreme Body is made of high quality latex to narrow down your waist in an instant. Keep nicer figure and better posture!

Xtreme Body is the perfect solution if you want to instantly improve your shape.

Recommended to women after childbirth for aesthetic reasons, but also for firming abdominal muscles so they in the shortest time took on the desired shape.

Technical specification

Before ordering check in table size that suits you. Find your clothing size and choose the correct size.

Xtreme Body is the perfect underwear, comfortable to wear because it is made from the finest materials, solid latex which weights figure and soft cotton which makes it soft to the touch. With the Xtreme Body you'll not sweat, you will not be uncomfortable tighten as has been tailored to fit perfectly and provided to hide all the embarrassing areas where there is a surplus.

The edge is made from the finest lace that was selected for you by experts, so that can not be seen under a thin layer of clothing. You can wear it even under of lightweight dress without fear of being noticed. Because of its strength, Xtreme Body lifts breast and nicely shapes them and a strong bra straps will not pinch, they will not fall and you can be sure you'll look just perfect!


Available in 3 different sizes:

Sizes Dress sizes
M 38-40
L 40-42
XL 44-46


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