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Harry Blackstone knives

Harry Blackstone knives

If you are searching for the high-quality kitchen ceramic knives, you're on the right place! Set of Harry Blackstone knives contains a total of 14 knives for everything your kitchen needs! In the set you get an All-purpose knife, knives for cutting meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, paring, carving, 6 knives for steak or pizza, Premium knife, Chef’s knife and ceramic peeler for fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, apples, carrots and so on. These knives are characterized by excellent sharpness, longevity, exceptional quality, non-stick ceramic coating and easy maintenance!

Value: 189,00 Eur
Price: 49,00 Eur
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Unique non-stick properties
Incredible sharpness!

The 20cm All Purpose Knife is an absolute highlight. It has three different sharpenings which means that this knife is the perfect choice for nearly every task.

The incredible sharp blade with non-stick finishing glides perfectly through any food; no matter if you cut meat, cheese, vegetables, bread or even frozen goods.

Thanks to an ergonomically moulded silicone rubber handle each knife fits snugly in the hand!

The revolutionary technology- an extremely tough steel core combined with a ceramic surface deliver unique non-stick properties and incredible sharpness!

Cuts perfectly every time! Now you can also slice and dice as finely and accurately as a professional- nothing sticks to the blade- it even slides effortlessly through cheese!

In the set you'll get 13 sharp knives of different sizes and ceramic peeler for fruits and vegetables, so you can prepare all meals with them and set is also a unique gift for birthdays and weddings. Perfect for any occasion and always unforgettable!!

Set includes:
1x All Purpose Knife (20cm)
1x Carving Knife (19cm)
1x Herb Knife (15cm)
1x Paring Knife (9cm)
6x Steak Knife (10,5cm)
+ 4 pcs Knife-Set
1x Chef´s Knife (20cm)
1x Bread Knife (20cm)
1x Premium Knife (12cm)
1x Ceramic-Peeler


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