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Terms of purchase


Terms and conditions are explained in more detail below and are valid for our customers who order products exclusively over the Internet or by telephone (distance selling) and their delivery of products is made by post or courier. The buyer can be any adult who accepts our terms and conditions, which confirms when ordering items.

Please let us know your potential disagreement with the conditions in whole or in part, in written form deliver before ordering. We reserve the right to printing errors. In case of errors, relevant is quote of the operator. All prices are shown with value added tax in the currency (HRK and EUR). Offers and prices are valid until the expiry date stated on product or while stocks last.

Note: Please preserve the original packaging and original documentation supplied with the product, at least until the end of the guarantee. Otherwise we will not be able to recognize a guarantee or refund.

Warranty: The warranty period begins on the date printed on the bill of lading which is supplied with the product (for products that have a warranty).

Shipping: Shipping costs are specified in HRK and EUR, depending on from which country you order and buy our products. For certain items where is indicated that the shipping is free, it is valid only in the Republic of Croatia. 



According to the Croatian Consumer Protection Act (Art. 72, para. 1) the customer has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract within 14 days from receipt of product.

The product must be within 14 days returned to our address as follows:

• Duly packaged with all parts and documentation in the original packaging as you received it.
• The product must not be used or damaged.
• When you return, please be sure to send a requesting letter for refund minus postage.
• In order to make a refund as soon as possible, be sure to type in the letter IBAN.

According to the Croatian Civil Obligations Act (Art. 404., Paragraph 2.) seller is not responsible for defects that show since the lapse of two years from the delivery of things, and in the commercial contract for six months.



Bestsellertv always thinks of the safety of their customers due to online shopping. Highly technical security allows you to maximize the use of our webshop, while enjoying the feeling of safety. All customers have the right to return items within 14 days.

Bestsellertv behind each of your purchase guarantee transactions and protects you from unauthorized use of your payment funds. Personal information is used for order processing, customer relations, sending catalogs and information and authorization checking.
Same are protected in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection.




• Any faults that occur within the warranty period due to a manufacturing defect, we commit ourselves to remove them at our expense.
• For faults caused by improper use or due to failure to follow instructions for use, we do not cover the cost.
• Call us at Customer Support +385 52 431 155, weekdays from 08 am – 16 pm in order to register a complaint. If the complaint can not be resolved by phone, please send the product to us by post, with all the parts and neatly packaged in original packaging as you received it - as plain package or bring it in person.
• In a short letter write the reason for sending the product and a brief description of the defect.
• If our service determines that the failure is a manufacturing defect and was built during the warranty period, the same will be removed at our expense, and you will be refunded for the cost of postage to send the package.
• If you are found to have a breakdown by your fault or not following the instructions for use, you will be notified, and the product will be repaired at your own expense.
• All shipments sent to our burden, as well as shipments we need to pay WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Refunds for purchased product:

• the customer has the right to terminate the contract of purchase within 14 days of receipt of the product with the proviso that product was not used, and that the same is packaged in original packaging with all parts and documentation.
• the customer is required prior to the expiration of 14 days from receipt of product, notify dealer about contract termination
• the customer is with the approval of the dealer obliged at his own expense return the product to the dealer, and the dealer is required within 14 days from receipt of notice of the contract termination, return to customer the full amount paid for the product minus postage.

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