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052 43 11 55   Phone lines are open weekdays from 08-16h
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Mediacom d.o.o


Address:   Mate Vlašića 26/36   E-mail list:
    52440 Poreč   Information:   info@bestsellertv.com
    Croatia, EU   Marketing:   marketing@bestsellertv.com
        Sales:   prodaja@bestsellertv.com
Phone:   +385 52 43 11 55   Cooperation:   suradnja@bestsellertv.com
Fax:   +385 52 42 77 20        

Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BestsellerTV


The company entered in the commercial register:
Commercial Court in Rijeka, a permanent office in Pazin
MBS: 040223094, Tt-09/218-2
MB: 2011883
OIB: 98538704453
Business accounts at: 
Zagrebačka bank Poreč - IBAN: HR 2823600001101874082
PBZ bank POreč - IBAN: HR0423400091110377684

The share capital of 20.000,00 kn paid in full.

Company's board members: Sandro and Elvis Herak. 


Business hours: Monday to Friday
  08 AM - 16 PM